Sunday, March 11, 2012

[News] Violinist Eugene Park's love call to Lee Hyori and G-Dragon

37 years old violinist Eugene Park has shown his love for K-POP.

He chose Lee Hyori and Big Bang's G-Dragon when asked for the most desired singer he wants to perform with. "I love charismatic and sexy women" he stated the reason for choosing Lee Hyori

He showed his faith in G-Dragon by saying "Don't all Korean love GD?" "I want to look neat and tidy like him" he further confessed "GD is one of a kind entertainer that rare to find in business " "I envy the money he makes, he speaks great English as well"

(Parts Omitted)

Translator's Note: Eugene Park, born in New York, crowned as genius violinist, debuted in Korea in 1997.

credit: comforcloud @soompi_bigbang/Soompi Big Bang Forum

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