Monday, April 16, 2012

[News] Lee Ha Yi receives training from her ideal type, Big Bang’s T.O.P

‘K-Pop Star‘ finalist, Lee Ha Yi recently received training from her ideal type, Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

The Top 4 finalists were each trained under the top three agencies (SM, JYP, and YG) for the April 15th live broadcast performance.

In order to show viewers a new image along with her hidden rap skills, Lee Ha Yi selected the song “As Time Goes By” by Tasha. Although the original version of the song does not have rap in it, Lee Ha Yi met with T.O.P who had offered to help in adding the lyrics for the rap portion of the song and to help her in her rapping.

As soon as she faced her ideal type, Lee Ha Yi was unable to hide her excitement as she asked the staff members, “Is this a dream?”

However, her excitement was only for a brief moment as the two were speechless and incredibly awkward with each other. T.O.P broke the silence by asking her, “What do you like about oppa (me)?” to which she shyly replied with a blush, “Please don’t ask. I don’t think I can say. You have a really nice voice.”

Lee Ha Yi was successfully able to perform her rendition of “As Time Goes By” and surprised viewers with her talented rap skills. J.Y. Park praised the contestant saying, “I couldn’t find a flaw in your performance.”

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