Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[News] Park Siyeon: "I look like T.O.P"

Actor Park Siyeon has believes she looks like Big Bang's T.O.P.

On "Park Sohyun's Love Game" of SBS Power FM (107.7MHz), Park Siyeon was asked "Who do you think you look like? People have said that you look like actor Kim Sumi when she was younger."

She replied "Whenever I use the smart phone application for celebrity look alikes, I always get Big Bang's T.O.P. There have also been times that actor Joo Won showed up," bringing laughter.She was then asked "Which singers do you like?" to which she replied "I like Big Bang. From Big Bang, TOP is my favorite."

Source: My Daily
Translation: @kristinekwak

Note:The application she is referring to is called 푸딩 얼굴 인식. It is very entertaining and popular in Korea.

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