Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon at Chanel VIP Party Photo Spam Part 2!

This place looks so amazing! The bar area looked so cool, wow it is a chanel party after all =P GD is followed anywhere he goes as you can see! he looked so cute and nerdy with those glasses XD oh GD i love you more and more you dork! ^^ loving the hair!!!! you guys feeling this dorky GD? I think it’s hot :D

[VIDEO] Movement LifeStyle- Adventures with YG Entertainment Episode 1


[PHOTOS] BIGBANG Times Issue No. 00 && No.01 Scans

Remember the “newspaper like” thingy that GD was holding during the BIGBANG TV? Here it is. This is a must have for all the VIPs

[PHOTOS] Electric Love Tour Photobook 2010 Scans

Wow! So colorful. LOL! Now let’s take a peek inside!

[NEWS] Four steps to dating the ladies of 2NE1!

What does it take to date a 2NE1 member? Apparently there are 4 steps to pass for a man to date these beautiful ladies.

During the recent episode of  KBS 2TV Win Win, 2NE1 appeared as guests and stated, “We were prohibited to date for 5 years when we signed our contract. But thanks to CL, the 27-year olds (Korean age) Sandara Park and Park Bom only have to wait 3 years.”

However, it is not an easy task to date them as only ‘qualified’ men will pass the requirements. Leader CL said, “First, the boyfriend has to get his style checked by our stylist, as well as getting a physical/health test. He then has to have a meeting with Se7en and other YG family members, that are mainly male (YMGA, 1TYM and BIGBANG). The last task is to have a meeting with the CEO, Yang HyunSuk, himself.”

Source: Keum Ara
Translation by: ch0sshi
Written by:
Lol! All I have to say is, good luck to all the fanboys!!

[PHOTOS] More pictures of Daesung filming “What’s Up”

Credits: 하데스몸내꺼@DCDS + Jeri丫@baidu

[TWITTER] Taeyang relaxing @ Chongiyeon Waterfall

Source: Taeyang’s twitter

[INFO] “Into the Gunfire” DVD RELEASE

- Release Date: October 20 (in Korea)
- Language: Korean
- Subtitles: Korean, English
- Aspect Ratio: DISC 1 – 2.35:1 + DISC 2 – 4:3 Full Screen
- Discs: 2
- Region Code: All

DISC 1 (Movie)
- Includes audio commentary by Director Lee Jae Han, Writer Lee Man Hui and Choi Seung Hyeon (T.O.P)

DISC 2 (80 minutes)
1. Pre-Production
2. Production Design
3. Background about the Korean War with interviews
6. Poster Making scene
7. Premiere and press conference
8. Showcase
9. Trailer

*Includes postcards and poster (not sure though if this is only available in Yes25 [Korean site])

Source: Yes24 via 거얼럴럴럴러 @ Bestiz
Credits: bigbangupdates

[NEWS] Big Bang will release two Japanese DVDs on October!

Along with the release of their first photo book (Electric Love Concert Photobook), Big Bang will release two DVDs on October 27th, titled, “BIGSHOW 2010” and “2009-2010 BIGSHOW MAKING DVD&BOOK SPECIAL REPACKAGE”.

BIGSHOW 2010” will be their concert from January this year in Korea, and the DVDs will come with a 260 page booklet of the concert. While Japan has its own version, the Japanese version will come with a clip of “Koe wo Kikasete” live. It will also be region free and come with subtitles in Japanese and Korean and have an original design.

The “2009-2010 BIGSHOW MAKING DVD&BOOK SPECIAL REPACKAGE” is an original DVD with a “behind the scenes” of their 2009 and 2010 concerts, including multi-angled shots of the events. The Japanese version will come with a “making of book” of “SHOW ANOTHER BIG SHOW (2009 BIG BANG CONCERT MAKING BOOK” and “2010 BIG BANG CONCERT MAKING BOOK”, and an original cellphone strap.

(source: bigbangworld | tokyohive)

[PHOTOS] Big Bang featured on MERLITO Kpop Magazine!

As you can tell they are fan-made magazine covers, made by Melito Designs at facebook. These would make great real magazine covers!!But i couldn't buy it cuz the magz aren't sold in indonesia then..:(

(via merlito designs)

[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk takes more care of 2NE1 than Big Bang

On September 28th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win,” 2NE1 made their first guest appearance on a talk show. During the show, the girls discussed about how Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO, takes care of 2NE1 more than Big Bang.

2NE1 revealed, “I don’t know if it’s because we’re females, but Yang Hyun Suk takes care of us more than Big Bang.”

Although Yang Hyun Suk takes care of them more, the girls still revealed their difficulties they face with their boss. 2NE1 revealed, “The members of Big Bang get to call Yang Hyun Suk ‘hyung (older brother)’ and they have a comfortable relationship, while we only call Yang Hyun Suk ‘boss’ and we’ve only ate a meal with him once. It’s not like we’re uncomfortable, but we’re a bit scared.”

Park Bom further added into the part about them being scared as she revealed a story of how she almost got intimidated by Yang Hyun Suk. She commented, “I once got punished from joking around with Yang Hyun Suk. … In the studio, I once greeted him with aegyo saying, ‘Hello,’ but he replied back, ‘What’s with the sudden aegyo!’”

Yang Hyun Suk, who was joking around with Park Bom with his reply as well, seemed to have made Park Bom a bit scared with his aura filled with charisma.

Well,i don't really know the reasons,why Yang Hyun Suk acted like that to Big bang n 2NE1.
But i think he has his own reason for that..
Maybe because Big Bang has become so independent so he doesn’t have to look over them as much and 2NE1 are his little girls, they’re girls so it’s understandable if he is more affectionate, at the end of the day all of YG Fam is <3 ^^

(via maestro-j at akp)

[PHOTOS] Seungri Official “Enjoy Today” Photo Spam!

Oh Seungri….you are one adorable man. haha I love him and his awkward poses XDD jacket looks hot btw…but isn’t it hot? o.o

Enjoy the photos guys~