Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Photos] Official Facebook : Alive Tour 2012 (Osaka, Japan) Photos

[Photos] 2011 YG Family Concert DVD Photo Book Scans (HQ) #2


[Video] 2011 YG Family Concert DVD: Big Bang Cuts

[Photos] 2011 YG Family Concert DVD Photo Book Scans (HQ) #1


[Photos] T.O.P: Fubu Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

[Photos] Alive in Osaka: Taeyang Backstage (120601)

Taeyang with 4nologue staff

[Photos] Taeyang: Still Alive Teasers

Source: Naver

[Video] Taeyang : Monster MV Teaser

[News] Big Bang's Alive Tour in Manila to be held October 24

[News] Special "Big Bang Gate" to open for Still Alive's release

[News] Excitement for 'Monster' grows with the release of Seungri's teaser

The release of the Seungri's teaser for Big Bang's "Monster" has been gathering attention.

At 12:00AM on the 31st, the video was posted on the YG Life blog. In the video, it seems as though Seungri was having a hard time looking for something. A new part of the song "Monster" was revealed with the video.

[Photo] Seungri : Still Alive Teaser

[Twitter] Taeyang: "Lonely night" (120601)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[News] Which Male Celebrity has the sexiest Collarbone?


Many female stars love to show off their defined collarbones by wearing revealing outfits. However, a handful of male celebrities also have nicely outlined clavicles that haven’t been getting enough attention.