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[Photos] Unseen Photos of G-Dragon for "1st Look" Magazine

G-Dragon for First Look Magazine

[News] Comedian Kim Kyung Jin also wants to join YG Entertainment

It looks like Jung Hyung Don inspired a gagman rush to YG Entertainment, as fellow comedian Kim Kyung Jin has also requested to join YG.

A few days ago, Jung Hyung Don jokingly asked CEO Yang Hyun Suk if he would consider welcoming Jung to the label. Yang responded in an interview with E-Daily that “If Jung Hyung Don really meant what he said, I would like to discuss a management contract with him.”

On January 30th, Kim Kyung Jin added his own appeal to YG by tweeting the following message: ”I wish to go to YG. It’s because I’m a “gag-singer” who has released three digital singles! A gagman and singer!! CEO Yang! Please watch over the group ‘One Hundred’~

He then attached a photo of himself posing beside a typed note that read, “I want to join YG too!” The comedian also wrote ‘YG’ on his face with toothpaste to further express his enthusiasm.

Netizens laughed as they commented, “Yang Hyun Suk! It’s a good deal! A gagman AND a singer in one!” and “Who’ll be the next gagman to knock on YG’s door, I wonder?

BIGThanks to: OSEN via Nate, Allkpop

[Videos] Se7en's "When I Can't Sing" MV

Gdragon makes a short Cameo in Se7en's MV

Source : YG-Life Blog

[Video] Big Bang's Message to VIP Japan (120130)

Taeyang: "Thank you for coming to the 15th YG Family concert! We'll work hard more, so please support us!"
Seungri: "Please anticipate our future activities!"

Credits: TISYA @ bigbangupdates.com

[Photos] Big Show 2012 Gmarket Event Page

[Photo] Big Show Stage and Seating Plan for "Big Show 2012"

Source: YG Entertainment

[News/Photos] T.O.P Shoots a CF in luxurious YG building and More FUBU Photos

[Photos] Big Bang @ YG Family Concert in Japan Magazine Photos

Source: as tagged

[News/Photo] G-Dragon to cameo in Se7en's new music video

Update: [내가 노래를 못해도] 뮤직비디오 촬영현장!!! 아주 잠깐 카메오 출연을 위해 달려와준 착한 내동생과 함께!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. MV 오늘밤 12시 개봉박두!!

Translation: [When I Can't Sing] Music Video Shoot!!! With my nice dongsaeng who rushed over for a very short cameo appearance!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. MV coming soon tonight at 12:00!!

Source: @officialse7en
Translated by: SARA @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff @ tumblr

[Photos] More Big Bang Backstage at YG Family Concert Japan

[Photos] Daesung with fan @ Lotte Fan Meeting (120128)\

Source: @naohyonn

[Photos] More Website Photos of Big Bang for G-Market

[Photo] More photos from T.O.P's shoot for Fubu

[Photo/News] T.O.P DJing photos for FUBU revealed

Group Big Bang’s T.O.P‘s DJing images are making waves on the web.

The photos above were posted on an online community board recently and it was described as images from a commercial shoot for the brand ‘FUBU’.

T.O.P is seen wearing a slicked back hairstyle with a charismatic look on his face. In one of the photos he’s got the headphone tucked around his neck and he looks like a real DJ.

To T.O.P’s charismatic photos the netizens commented, “Wow T.O.P~ he’s a real man”, “He exudes charisma”, “Best looking DJ ever”, “So handsome, it’s like watching a perfect sculpture”, “T.O.P really has the looks of an actor”, and so on.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Translation: JJ @ KPOPfever

[Video] Fancam of T.O.P + Photos of G-Dragon with a fan @ Lotte Fan Meeting (120128)

Sources: http://www.choigoseunghyun.com/ (VIDEO),
DCGD via xxinyq@baidu (PHOTO)

[News] Big Bang Tracklist Update (120130)

Source: YG-Life.com

[Video] Big Bang "Big Show 2012" Teaser 2

[News] Big Bang’s Taeyang displays jealousy towards Lee Michelle (120130)

Big Bang’s Taeyang displays his jealousy towards Lee Michelle, one of the contestants of K-POP Star, SBS’s weekend popular audition show. 

On the January 29 episode of K-POP Star, the contestants who were selected by one of the three representatives of Korea’s top three major entertainment agencies are trained by each agency’s training programs.
The contestants who were selected by YG Entertainment are directed to join individual training courses to test their capabilities. After the training course was completed, they faced a midterm test with Big Bang and 2NE1’s members as the panel of judges.
When asked if he has any contestant he has wanted to see, Taeyang evoked big laughs by saying, “I wanted to see Lee Michelle. These days my boss always sings her praises, so I sometimes became so jealous of her.”

Source: Xportnews
Translation: en.korea.com

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[Video] Daesung's OST "Lunatic" for "What's Up" Drama gain #6 on Germany's Asian Music Charts for January 2012

The German Asian Music Charts grow out of a special voting system, where German fans can vote for the new releases of the month and the top 20 of the month before. These charts are made with statistical methods and are representative for the Asian music trends in Germany.

1. (1) MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
2. (new) Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker
3. (2) U-Kiss - Tick Tack
4. (13) BEAST - Fiction
5. (3) Tablo - Bad (feat. Jinsil)
6. (new) Daesung - Lunatic
7. (5) JYJ - Get Out
8. (new) Bang Yong Guk & ZELO - Never Give Up
9. (new) Donghae & Eunhyuk - Oppa Oppa
10. (new) Jay Park - Star
11. (4) 2NE1 - I am the best
12. (6) JYJ - In Heaven
13. (17) CNBLUE - In My Head
14. (14) Girls' Generation - The Boys
15. (7) Tablo - Tomorrow (feat. Taeyang)
16. (new) ReBorn - I Don't Want
17. (20) KAT-TUN - Birth
18. (new) Se7en - Somebody Else
19. (new) Ali - Don't Act Countrified (feat. Yong Jun Hyung)
20. (new) Infinite - Lately

Source: remarkableforum@youtube.com

[News] YGE promises to reveal new details on Big Bang’s album everyday

Big Bang has added more to the list of songs for their upcoming new album.

YG Entertainment has added track number 3 and 4 to the list posted on their website, YG Life. The third track, titled “Love Dust” is written (both lyrics and music) by G-Dragon and Teddy, while the fourth track, titled “Bad Boy” is written by G-Dragon and Choice 37. Both songs contain additional rap lyrics written by T.O.P.

While the first two tracks have also been receiving attention for being written by G-Dragon YG stated, “It’s hard to give a clear statement on Big Bang’s new album yet. All we can say is stay tuned to our site, because we will be updating the track list everyday. We also have a special surprise coming up.

Source + image: Star News via Naver

[Photos] Big Bang Photo Notes for Lotte Duty Free

[Video] T.O.P #8 on Weekly Idol's "Luxury Idols" (120128)

Source: doubleseunghyun

[Video/News] Daesung and Taeyang cuts on SBS KPOP Star Survival (120129)

Credit: SJBBwonderful @ YT

[Video] Big Bang featured on Aljazeera’s 101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

Contains videos from YG Family Concerts

Source: Al Jazeera@youtube.com

[News/Videos] Members of Teen Top cover Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow' (120129)

On the January 29th episode of SBS’s ‘1000 Songs Challenge‘,TEEN TOP surprised the audience by perfectly singing Big Bang‘sSunset Glow“.
As if they prepared in advance, the boys confidently sang, rapped and danced to the song, but failed to advance to the next level.

With a score of ’90′, a puzzled MC Jang Yoon Jung commented that they should’ve received a higher score.

MC Lee Hwi Jae replied, “You must really love TEEN TOP”, to which she responded, “I really like them, real(ly)”.

Source: TVReport and video 1004HaNiel@youtube

Translation: AKP

[Photos] T.O.P @ Lotte Fan Meeting (120128)

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[Video] Daesung OST "Really Pretty" for "What's Up" Episode 17

Source: 0426stella@youtube.com

[Photos] Seungri @ Lotte Fan Meeting (120128)

[News/Photos] Big Bang Lotte Fan Meeting Set List

[Photos] Photographer Oh Jung Seok's Twitter Updates from Big Bang's "Bear" Shoot

이게누구게? http://yfrog.com/odnzctsj
Trans: Who's this?

사실은 지드래곤.. http://yfrog.com/mm6u9nj
Trans: Actually, it's G-Dragon

The standee is actually not GD, only the photo plastered on it:

Source: Oh Jung Seok, @geniusOH (photographer of TOP's Fubu shoot & more)

[Video] G-Dragon #1 on Weekly Idol's "Full of Cool: Luxury Force Idols" Ranking (120120)

Source: sakuck@youtube via doubleseunghyun

[Photo] Taeyang with comedian Yoon Seok (120129)

Credit: gogsukju@me2day via soomp!_bigbang

[Twitter] Mr. Teydaddy finds bears "AWESOME"

Friday, January 27, 2012

[News] Yang Hyun Suk would welcome Jung Hyung Don into YG Entertainment

On a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, comedian Jung Hyung Don had jokingly asked if YG Entertainment recruited gagmen in hopes of joining the label.

The episode featured a segment where Jung Hyung Don called up YG Entertainment officials to tell them news of G-Dragon winning yet another poll held amongst idols. During the call, he asked, “Does YG not recruit gagmen?”

Although it was said as a joke, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk readily welcomed the gagman. On January 27th, in an interview with E-Daily, he revealed, “If Jung Hyung Don really meant what he said, I would like to discuss a management contract with him.”

He continued, “Not only myself, but the majority of our company staff are fans of Jung Hyung Don. If he would come, I think I’d actually be really thankful.”

Jung Hyung Don actually isn’t signed with an agency at the moment, and his relationship with YG stars dates back to ‘Infinity Challenge‘, where he collaborated with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

BIGThanks to: E-Daily via Nate, Allkpop, YGKINGS

[News] Big Bang and 2NE1 to Stand on the Same Stage with LMFAO & David Guetta at SPRINGROOVE

Big Bang and 2NE1 to appear at Japan best R&B and Hip-Hop festival “SPRINGROOVE”.

Japan SPRINGROOVE party said, “For this festival line-up, Big Bang and 2NE1 were introduced as the main cast.”

Started in 2006, as Japan’s largest R&B and Hip-Hop festival, SPRINGROOVE has been known for casting top stars locally and internationally.

In 2006, SPRINGROOVE invited Snoop Dogg, and after that, each year they invited Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Akon, T-Pain, TLC, and other great R&B Hip-Hop singers to this big festival.

This is Big Bang and 2NE1’s first time to be in “SPRINGROOVE”, the worldwide blasts of shuffle dance music is said to drive international artists along.

Japan SPRINGROOVE party announced that these two groups will have massive appearance, Big Bang as the one who caused explosive movement in worldwide music industry, and 2NE1 as Asia, as well as worldwide, next generation pop icon who will lead.

Last year, GD&TOP and 2NE1 was planned to appear in SPRINGROOVE festival for the first time, and also with famous rapper, Florida. However, it was cancelled due to earthquake that occurred in northeastern Japan.

Big Bang and 2NE1 are planned to revive 2012 “SPRINGROOVE” festival again through the power of Korean music.

“2012 SPRINGROOVE Festival” will be held on March 31 at Kobe World Memorial Hall in Osaka, Japan, and on April 1 at Makuhari Messe Hall at Chiba.

Source and image: TVreport via Nate
translation: V @bigbangforlife  and @vVIP_6819

[News] Big Bangs "Tonight" MV on the First KPOP TV Special in Puerto Rico

WAPA TV and WAPA AMERICA (TV Stations) will be broadcasting their first KPOP special in a late night show called BACK2BACK on January 27th at 11:30 PM AST


Big Bang releasing titles of tracks 3&4, surprising news to come from YG

Group BIG BANG revealed more of the track list for their new album.

Management YG entertainment additionally released the titles of tracks 3&4 through YG-life.

The third track is 'Love Dust', a song composed and written by both member G-Dragon and producer Teddy. The fourth track is 'BAD BOY', a product of G-Dragon and Choice37's team work.

The two track list revealed on the 26th brought the attention of fans, which had been also composed and written by G-Dragon.

YG stated "It is difficult to give a detailed answer about BIG BANG's comeback album", and also said "We plan to update the track list every day, so please watch out for us. We will also reveal a surprising news as well."

source: star news
translated by ALEX @ bigbangupdates

[Photo] Big Bang backstage at Music Station

Source: VIP Japan

[Photo] T.O.P for Fubu Poster Ad

Source: TAEYANG@weibo

[News] Big Bang Tracklist Update (20120128)

Note: track 3 translates to "Love Dust".

Sniff..snif...I smell something good here..hoho..

[Video] Big Bang for VIP Japan TV CM (120127)

Credit: BIGBANG Official Youtube Channel

[Wallpapper/Download] Big Bang Lotte Duty Free February 2012 Calendars (120127)



Source: Lotte Duty Free

[Photos] Big Bang Special Edition Star Collection Card Set

[Video] Big Bang sends their video message for the new YG Family Homepage and New YG Application

★ Visit YG Family Official Homepage:

★ Download YG Family Application:
☞ Apple App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/yg-entertainment-official/id488646448
☞ Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=jp.naver.android.artist.ygfamily

★ YG Family Application Launch Event!



[News] Big Bang's upcoming album

Before their comeback in February, part of the tracklist of Big Bang's new album has also been revealed.

In the morning of 27th, YG Entertainment revealed part of Big Bang's upcoming album tracks list which are 'Alive' and 'Blue'.

G-Dragon has participated in the lyrics and melody writing of the revealed songs so it is expected that these compelling songs will consist the unique feeling of G-Dragon.

YG Entertainment has been posting information about Big Bang's comeback bit by bit  starting from 21st and there are still so many things unclear, like what their exact comeback schedule will be and whether they will release a mini album or a full album, etc.

Source: nocutnews
Translated by: Rice @bigbanupdates.com

You know what?? I expect a lot from this album..so,, don't dissapoint us..

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[Video] GMarket + Big Show 2012 30s CF (120127)

Credit: GMarketZone

[Update] YG-Life "2012.02.01" Blog Update (120127)

Source: yg-life blog

[Video] Big Bang's Comeback on M Countdown News Promotion (120127)

Source: CapsuleHD13 @ youtube

hwoohh....Can't wait any longer..><

[News] Jung Hyung Don "Does YG scout comedians?" (120127)

Comedian Jung Hyung-Don gave great laughter when he called YG Entertainment in order to speak to idol group BIG BANG's member, G-Dragon.

Jung Hyung-Don attempted to call G-Dragon, who had won first place in the ranking 'Full of cool! Luxury Force Idols', in the show 'Weekly Idol's 'Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking' corner. In this program, idols themselves vote the winners pre-show.

The specialty of this corner is calling the first place winner in a congratulatory call. Jung Hyung-Don had to call G-Dragon, but since he did not know his number, he ended up calling YG Entertainment instead.

The employee that had received the call stated brightly "I see G-Dragon often. I'll be sure to relay the message to him, please support Big Bang," and also told him "I'm your fan."

In response, Jung Hyung Don half-jokingly revealed "Does YG scout comedians? I don't have an entertainment company. However, I won't tell anyone I'm a part of YG." 

To this, the employee joked back, "I'll talk to the president about it." 

'Weekly Idol' is broadcasted every Saturday at 2:00PM, on MBCeveryone.

Credit: Osen
Translated by: ALEX @ bigbangupdates

[News] Big Bang's Comeback Album Track List revealed


Lyrics by G-DRAGON
Arranged by PARK HAN BUM

02. BLUE
Composed by TEDDY, G-DRAGON
Arranged by TEDDY

.......-.-.....ermm...this...JUST TWO TRACKS!!?? huffhh..*cam down..Let's wait n see for more further information for now..^^

[News] Which idols have the fastest luxury cars?

Which idols have the fastest rides?

More and more idols are purchasing ‘super cars‘ these days, and fans want to know which cars the idols have selected to be their own.

[Photos] Daesung for "What's Up" in Junior Magazine

Source: @VILikeLiz

[Photo] More T.O.P for FUBU

Source: 쵯응현/DCTOP

[Video] Se7en Mentions about Big Bang on YTV "Music Power" Interview (120126)

(Starts at about 9:00 in, but the entire clip has random Big Bang pieces thru out)
Source: Tomtom1109@youtube.com

[News] YG Family Application Launch Event

YG Entertainment Launchs an Event through their Official Facebook page to officially launched their new site and application.And here is the information about the event.

From Official YG Facebook:
 [YG Family Application Launch Event!]
The prize from YG family will be given out among the App downloaders~!
Check this out now!

[YG Family 어플리케이션 출시 이벤트!]
다운로드 받으신 분들 중 추첨을 통해 YG Family 선물을 드립니다~!
지금 확인해 보세요! 
As what i've heard about the event, It is held for those who download the app.You just need to download it and take a picture of yourself using the app.

[Photos] G-Dragon and Taeyang Backstage at YG Family Concert in Japan 2012

[Photos] Big Bang's Official Website Photo Updates

[News] YG Entertainment releases their very first smartphone application!

YG Entertainment has released their very first smartphone app!

Home to artists like Big Bang and 2NE1, YG Entertainment has delivered an app that promises to be different from apps released by other entertainment agencies. Instead of creating multiple apps for each individual artist, YG has decided to compile all their artists’ info into one program.

[Chart] Big Bang's "Love Song" is #1 on Bulgarian Music Charts

Source: @Kaathhiie via YGFan25