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[Photos] More Big Bang for "LG Optimus Big"

Credits: LG via S @ bbvipz

[Video/Photo] G-Dragon cuts on "Infinity Challenge Song Festival Dinner Show" (110430)

Credit: S @ G lime @ bbvipz

[Video] Seungri Me2Day Update: Taeyang dance @ Fan Meeting in Seoul (110430)

Credits: viofbb

Update: BIGBANG - 서울 악수회4/30 도중 태양댄스
BIGBANG - Taeyang dance during Seoul Fanmeeting 4/30

Tags: GOOD BYE 빅뱅 이벤트 팬들위한 작은선물 악수회
GOOD BYE Big Bang Event, Small Gift for fans, Fan Meeting

[Video] Big Bang on Infinity Challenge: Gangs of Seoul Preview

This episode featuring Big Bang will air next week.

Credit: 라기 @ bestiz
via imshinhdeplol @ YT

[VIDEO] Big Bang Performs “Stupid Liar” for Goodbye Stage on Music Core

Credits: CrazyCarrot270 @ YT

Friday, April 29, 2011

[NEWS] Jung Yeop spins his microphone because of Seungri’s imitation!

Jung-Yup admitted that because of Big Bang’s Seungri, he has special way of holding the microphone while singing.

Jung-Yup and Lee sun hee performed on MBC show “Come to Play” on 25th April. In that show, Jung-Yup and Lee sun hee sang the theme song of popular animation, RUN HANY, both of them showed their talented voice.

He held the banana to replace the microphone and sang the song with his old habit. When Jung-Yup performed on MBC show “I am a singer”, his habit of spinning the microphone became the focus to netizens. Kim Won Hee, the MC, asked the question to Jung-Yup “why do you spin the microphone while singing?” He answered “I don’t know why but I realized I have this habit ever since I learned that Big Bang’s Seungri had imitated me“.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-seok said “Keep the microphone around your mouth!”, creating laughter on the set.

Source: mydaily
Translated: Claire @ ibigbang

[Subbed/Audio] Big Bang on Park So Hyun Love Game Radio Cuts

[Videos] Big Bang Lush Concert fancam video

Lies (GD Fancam)

Somebody To Love (GD Fancam)

Love Song (GD Fancam)

credit : @ DC BB

[Photos] Big Bang @ Lush Concert (110429)

[Photos] More Big Bang @ "Cultwo Show" Radio (110428)

Credits: DCInside

[Subbed] Full Episodes Big Bang on Starry Night Radio (110420)

Updated with complete full episode:

Credits: TheYGCrew, 21BangsTV2

[Video] G-Dragon on Infinity Challenge Song Festival Preview #2

Credits: bbvipz via gilbakk

[Photo] Big Bang Handwritten Messages on Numero Tokyo

Big Bang's messages on the "We Love Japan" issue of Numero Tokyo:

SEUNGRI: I believe that we can get over every hardship if we stay together.
T.O.P: I wish a beam of hope to always light up everyone.
SOL: Everyone in Japan! Please remember, BIGBANG is with you.
GD: Let's make a wonderful future together!!
D-LITE: I sincerely hope and pray..

Scans from DCVI
Translations by NORIKO @ bigbangupdates

[Photos] Big Bang @ Fan Meeting in Busan (110427)

[News] Big Bang personal items on sale for "We Love Japan" Campaign

Big Bang members have donated some personal items to be sold for charity for Numero Tokyo's "We Love Japan" project. All profits from this campaign will be given to Japan's earthquake relief fund.

Interested buyers can check out Numero's site where you can register and choose which items to get. Only lucky registrants who get picked in the draw will be able to buy their chosen items. Shipping is limited to Japan addresses only.

Big Bang's items included in this project are as follows:
1) G-Dragon's necklace used in MV (no available pic yet)
2) Seungri's hat
3) Daesung's sneakers
4) T.O.P's jacket
5) Taeyang's microphone headset

All of Big Bang's items are priced at 50,000 yen.

Credits: Numero
Translations: Noriko @ bigbangupdates

[Photo] T.O.P after "Cultwo Show" (110428)

Credits: As tagged via Bestiz

[Video] "Seungri Academy" on SBS Midnight Entertainment (110428)

Credits: S @ bbvipz

[Download/Buy] Big Bang Special Edition Album App on iTunes


[Subbed] G-Dragon "Bean Pole Super Style" Fashion Tips

Translations by ANNE @ bigbangupdates

[Subbed] Big Bang M!Countdown Winning Speech (110428)

Translations by ANNE @ bigbangupdates

[Interview] Big Bang Interview on Crazy for Asian Star Magazine Japan

Note: This interview may seem familiar as it is a translation (to Japanese) from a previous interview originally in Korean.

In [BIGBANG is Back] what changes have you challenged yourself with?
GD: rather than a change of style I think it’s an album that most clearly shows our growth. We’re still not musicians, not artists, but we’re not idol singers. We’re the right age to call ourselves idols, and we’ve felt thankful to everyone. So we want to express that the album is a transition of our growth from idols to musicians or artists.

The album contains the genre Digilog, but what sort of music is it?
Taeyang: recently in electronic music, as it’s an environment where the artist and listener are comfortable, the listeners also get bored a bit, I think. In everyone’s music you can’t see any huge differences, it makes you think there’s only a really minute variation between them. We have to get out of that situation. Moreover, global music is becoming more analogue in feel. Because of that, while the sound is current, we added a little analogue feel to the melody and tried to mix our old and new music together. As the current circumstances are hard, we want to comfort peoples’ hearts through warm music, so it’s Digilog music.

[Photo] T.O.P's "A Shot A Day" for Nikon (110429)

Source: via Gilbakk

Photo] T.O.P with designer Lee Sang Bong (110428)

빅뱅 탑과 친구들 와인한잔 하고 있어요
"Big Bang's T.O.P and friends are having wine (together)."

Source: @lsbparis
Translation by ANNE @ bigbangupdates

[Photos] Big Bang on Mnet MCountdown (110428)

[Me2Day] Seungri me2Day update with trans!

난 무대에서는게 가장행복하다 우리의 노래와 관객들의 환호성이 합쳐질때.. 그어떤것도 두렵지않다^^
Trans: The greatest happiness on the stage is when our singing combined with the cheer of the audience… under no situations am I afraid.

TAGS: 빅뱅 일본투어 나고야 오사카 치바 LOVE&HOPE 막방 인기가요 스페셜
Trans: BIGBANG, Nagayo, Osaka, Chiba, LOVE&HOPE Japan tour, Makbang, Inkigayo Special

credit: viofbb/me2day + Trans by Rice@bigbangupdates

[News] Big Bang "Pray for Japan" Messages via Lotte DFS Japan


T.O.P: We are always thinking of our Japanese fans, and praying that you can be strong.
Daesung: I pray that one day soon a bright sign will come
GD: We can’t share true pain together, but I pray that we can share true sorrow together.
Seungri: All our fans, please be strong!
Taeyang: God bless you

Credits: Lotte DFS Japan
Translations by

[VIDEOS] YG Family Concert “Making” Clips!

videos: superpopochan+imshinhdeplol@yt

[Video] Big Bang on LG Optimus BIG CF

[NEWS] Big Bang will end their promotions this week with a new “Intro” song!

On April 30th, Big Bang will be concluding two months of Korean promotions through their final appearance on this week’s episode of “Inkigayo
Representatives from YG Entertainment stated, Since it’s their farewell stage, ‘Inkigayo’ has treated us to a five minute long stage. It will definitely be a new stage to experience.”

Big Bang will be performing “Love Song” and a special “Intro” track composed by leader G-Dragon. G-Dragon revealed that he had strung together solo tracks from the members into one short medley.

The boys will be heading off to Japan to kick off their nationwide “Love & Hope” tour, starting May 10th.

(source: akp)

[Info/Photos] Big Bang Love&Hope Japan Tour 2011 Official Goods Release

[Photos] Updated! Big Bang @ MCountdown Backstage (110428)

Credits: @MnetMcountdown

[Video] Big Bang on MCountdown Spoiler (110428)

Credits: Lovely / Gilbakk

[Photos] Big Bang New Photo Shoot for LG Optimus Big

[Video] Another G-Dragon for Bean Pole "Super Store"

Source: beanpoleblog

[NEWS] Big Bang with 5 of the top songs from the last decade!

Melon, a beloved source for Korean music, just released its list of top songs of the last decade from 2000 – 2010. Still, it’s valuable information and I bet there are people fighting on the forums right at this moment over how their favorite artist is over or underrated on this chart. Anyway, the chart showed some recognizable trends and varieties.

Here is how Melon calculated their chart: 40% was tallied from streams on their website and the other 60% from downloads on their website for the songs released after 2005. For songs from 2000 to 2004, it was 70% record sales and 30% air time respectively.

4. Last Goodbye
8. Haru Haru
15. Lies
41. Lollipop
65. GD – Heartbreaker

(source: akp)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[News] Bigbang #1 "Singers You Want to Invite to School's Festival

Music portal Monkey3 conducted an online survey from the 21st to 27th April titled “Which singer do you want to invite at school festivals?”. The results were released on the 28th of April.

In this survey, out of 530 votes, 5 member idol group Big Bang took first place with 34% (180 votes) of fans choosing them. Big Bang recently released a special edition album, with the two lead singles Love Song and Stupid Liar dominating music charts.

Monkey3 netizens commented, ”Big Bang gives the best festival atmosphere when they perform” , ”Big Bang only needs to attend the festival to make people excited.”

In 2nd place is 6 member idol group Beast who are currently preparing for a new album. They took 26% of the votes (140 votes). 2NE1 took 3rd place with 14% (72 votes) while 4Minute came in fourth with 12% (63 votes). Psy and YB took 5th (10%, 55 votes) and 6th place(4%, 20 votes) respectively.

Source: Nate, BeastChina
Translation by yangting@mybeastyboys

[News] YG-Life Update: Info on "YG On-Air"

This was posted on YG Life mainly for Park Bom's upcoming performance but I'm posting it here for your info since BIGBANG's contents will surely be on "YG ON AIR" in the future.

“This will be a simple explanation on what “YG ON AIR” will be about. ”YG ON AIR” will consist of media content that YG Entertainment directly produces. It’s something that we’ve planned for a long time now, as we’ve always wanted to break away from the frames of broadcast programs and create fun content based on our own ideas.

The point about “YG ON AIR” is that there are no restrictions. For example, we will be broadcasting Park Bom’s first live performance at 6:05 PM. Big Bang and 2NE1 will not be keeping formality, and it will just be a comfortable live broadcast for our artists and their fans to communicate together. This will also be the fastest way for us to deliver our music video and concert making films.

We’ll be working with Korea’s biggest portal site, Naver. In the future, we’ll be co-producing season three of “2NE1 TV“, as well as stages exclusive to “YG ON AIR.”

We will also be providing subtitles through YG LIFE and YOUTUBE so that our international fans can enjoy our content with us. Because this will be done in pirate broadcast fashion, it’s difficult for us to promise a specific broadcast date. For now, we can promise a “Don’t Cry” version sung by 2NE1 next Friday.

We will be reflecting the ideas of our fans, so we ask for your support and anticipation.”

Translation: VitalSign @ allkpop

[VIDEOS] Big Bang Performances + Win on M-Countdown!

(source: mcountdown@twitter + crazycarrotextra@yt)

[Photos] Big Bang Collection Cards

[VIDEO] Eng Subbed – G-Dragon’s Chosun Interview

source: bbusubs @ YT

(PHOTOS) G-Dragon at Fan Photos at Fan Meeting in Busan!


credit : Bestiz

[VIDEO] G-Dragon gets “Sunkissed” on BeanPole

source: beanpoleblog @ YT

[Photo] Hwangssabu updated a photo of Daesung's B'dae Cake

DAESUNG’S CAKE. :D————————————110428 Trainer Hwang Me2day Update!어떤 종류의 성공이든 인내보다 더 필수적인 자질은 없다. 인내는 거의 모든 것, 심지어 천성까지 극복한다. - 존 D. 록펠러 John D. Rockefeller (1839 ~ 1937)Trans:  For success of any kind, you must be patient. Even nature can be  overcome by patience. – John D. Rockefeller (1839 ~ 1937)

10428 Trainer Hwang Me2day Update!
어떤 종류의 성공이든 인내보다 더 필수적인 자질은 없다. 인내는 거의 모든 것, 심지어 천성까지 극복한다. – 존 D. 록펠러

John D. Rockefeller (1839 ~ 1937)

For success of any kind, you must be patient.Even nature can be overcome by patience.

John D. Rockefeller (1839 ~ 1937)

credit : Hwangssabu/me2Day + Trans by aa-chan