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[News] 'Eat Your Kimchi' interview mentioning Big Bang

▶ YG STYLE, [they] believe that they will be popular in North America as well...

Simon and Martina picked BIG BANG and 2NE1, under YG entertainment, as idols who would be able to become popular in North America.

"We visited the University of Toronto a while back, back in our home city (Toronto, Canada). Not only did we meet our fans, but also K-POP fans, as well. When we asked, 'do you like SNSD?' [they answered] 'YES!!', then asked 'do you like SHINee?' they yelled 'YES!!'. But when we asked 'do you like Big Bang?' everyone screamed 'KYAA-AH!', and we were shocked. Taeyang's already famous."

They believe that the 'YG style' will attract a lot of popularity in Europe and America, and playfully advised to check out the 'evidence'(?) footage from their visit to Toronto University.

[only information relevant to Big Bang was translated.]

Translated by ALEX @

[News] Which Celebrity Made the Most Money from Copyright Fees?

Big Bang’s G Dragon, Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung, and songwriter Jo Young Soo are making lots of money from copyright fees?

Previously, Yong Jun Hyung revealed that he makes so much that it’s hard for him to handle. G Dragon is also popularly known to write and compose songs. There are even rumors that G Dragon drives around in a Bentley Continental GT while Yong Jun Hyung drives an M5.

[Teaser] Daesung cuts on new What's Up Drama Teaser

What's Up will be broadcasted on December 3 at 9PM KST on MBN Channel

Credits: MBN via DCDS0426

[Audio] Seungri's YG Family Concert Message on NateOn

Annyeonghaseyo. This is BIGBANG Seungri. I’m going to attend 15th anniversary YG Family Concert on December 3-4. You will not find it anywhere because YG Family Concert will only be disclosed in NATEON, NATEON Talk, and Cyworld Music. You can also see photos of us, YG Family, on NATEON. Our music last year was also only disclosed to Cyworld Music. To the 15th year of the family concert this year, please look forward for it a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot. Until now, it’s BIGBANG Seungri. Thank you.

Source: Gilbakk (video), vVIP_6819 (translation)

[Video] YG Entertainment Special Teaser on BS11

Broadcast: December 15, 21.00-21.55 KST
This show will be talking about YG Entertainment only. From BIGBANG, only TOP, Taeyang and Seungri will be in it.

Source: BS11index@YT via

[Audio] Big Bang "Haru Haru" Japanese Version Released

(Note: Video is the Korean version and only fan-made. The Japanese captions in the video are just translations of the Korean version.)


[News] Daesung to make his official comeback in December

Big Bang‘s Daesung, who withdrew from all activities after his car accident earlier this year, will be officially returning to entertainment in December.

Daesung’s first official appearance will take place on December 4th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the ‘YG Family Concert‘. This will be the first time in 7 months that Daesung will perform on stage.

[Twitter] Lydia Paek, "Watching MAMA with Taeyang, Choice 37"

Note: Lydia is currently working as a producer at YGE. Taeyang tweeted before that he's working on a new song with Lydia. Also, he and Choice37 were featured in Lydia's Vlog last September.

[Videos] Taeyang @ Korean Pop Culture & Art Awards

Broadcast last November 28th. This event took place November 21st.

[Twitter] Park Bom Tweets about Big Bang

ㅠㅠ Did you guys see it??? We did our best~~*^___^* And my uvula is still swollenㅠㅠ Did I do well?? kekeke But, you know, it would have been awesome if Big Bang came… Seriously… when Big Bang was called for the nominees I screamed…. miss U guyz…. Anyway, please compliment us today^__^

Translation: Swaggalevel-1000

[Video] Soul with Ludacris with T.O.P

[Wallpapers] Lotte Duty Free Japan December Wallpapers

 800x600      1024x768      1280x1024
 800x600      1024x768      1280x1024
*For Korean version of the wallpapers go here.

Source:  ロッテ免税店 via @teambigbang/

[News] Big Bang wins "Best Music Video" for "Love Song" at MAMA 2011

Source: NATE news

[News] Taeyang and Daesung at YG Family Concert practice and Personal Invites for Nate and CyMusic

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Video/Photos] "Kiss With YG Family" Exhibit

[Videos] MTV Studio C Episode 1: Big Bang @ MTV EMA (111127)

Credits: GDaraYbom8884

[News] T.O.P spotted picking up the tab for fellow students at Dankook University

A story from people who saw T.O.P is making waves. It turns out Big Bang member T.O.P rang the golden bell for his fellow students. (to ring the golden bell = to pick up the tab, to treat those present)

Recently on an online community board, a story involving T.O.P was posted. Apparently T.O.P was on the campus of the school he attends, Dankook University, and picked up tab for his fellow students.

Friday, November 25, 2011

[News] Singer Sung Si Kyung mentions Taeyang on radio (111119)

Singer and DJ Sung Si Kyung has always talked highly of Taeyang and how "cool" he is. He even once said on radio that "even if Taeyang were to smell or wear sling pants, it's ok because he's cool." Aside from mentioning him on shows, he also covered some of Taeyang's songs like You're My (on Chocolate) and I Need A Girl (at his concert).

[News] YGE to hold "Kiss With YG Family" 15th Anniversary Exhibit

- Exhibition Place: Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam Station, Sin Bundang Line B2, G-Arche
- Exhibition Period: 2011.11.26 (SAT) ~ 2012.01.05 (THU)/ 07:30am~12:00am
- Arranged by G-Arche
- Hosted by YG Entertainment
- Sponsored by G-Arche, A shop

YG Family 15th Anniversary Exhibition “KISS WITH YG FAMILY”

At this exhibition, you will see the last 15 years of YG's music history. Albums, videos and kiss marks (made by YG FAMILY) will be displayed and there will also be items with the kiss marks that will be available for sale.

The profits from the sale will be donated to the YG WITH Campaign.


[Subbed] YG Family Concert 2011 Meeting

[Photos] TOP Representing Big Bang & GDTOP to Achieve MMA Awards 2011

[Video] Soul by Ludacris with G-Dragon (SL300 Headphones)

[News] Fans donate 300 books in Daesung's name

@adelajinkim "BIGBANG Daesung!!! Donated 300 books to our library. The kids love it alot! Thank you Daesung!!!"

*This was a joint effort thru DCDS where the money and books were raised to donate to the Children's Center in Daesung's name. We apologize for the mistake earlier. It was indeed DCDS in Daesung's name, and not Daesung himself who donated the books. GREAT JOB VIPS!

Source: @adelajinkim and DCDS
Translation: shinhdeplol @soompi_bigbang

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Videos] T.O.P representing Big Bang and GD&TOP on MelOn Music Award 2011(111124)


Big Bang

Credits: MelOn via HappyRichLife

[News] Daesung to attend press conference for upcoming drama ‘What’s Up’

It’s been announced that Big Bang‘s Daesung will be attending the press conference for MBN’s upcoming drama ‘What’s Up’ on December 6th.

A source from MBN revealed on November 24th, “Daesung will be making a public appearance with the other cast members and production staff”. The Big Bang idol will be stepping on stage along with fellow castmates Im Joo Hwan, Lee Soo Hyuk, Jang Hee Jin, Im Joo Eun, and staff members like writer Song Ji Na.

Although Daesung came out from the shadows to attend the ‘MTV Europe Music Awards’, this press conference will mark his first official public appearance in Korea since the unfortunate car accident back in May.

‘What’s Up’ is a private production drama that stars Daesung as the main character, and tells the story about musical major students and their dreams. There will be a total of 18 episodes that are 60 min long.
Daesung will also be making a comeback to the music scene with the ‘YG Family Concert’ in December and January.

Source + Photo: Osen via Nate

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[News] YG Family Concert: Best end-of-year blowout bash

Giddy fans and Korean Wave tourists have been eagerly elbowing out commuters on Seoul's new DX subway line from Bundang to Gangnam Station.

The reason? Fancy wrapping paper. YG Entertainment has papered an entire DX train with images of its artists to publicize YG Family's 15 Anniversary Concert next month.

The "YG Train," as it is being called in the blogosphere, is one of the six new trains that runs from Bundang to Gangnam in 16 minutes. Young fans often wait the 40 minutes it takes for the train to loop around again just for the YG wall-papered photo-op.

"Riding the train just makes me even more excited about the concert," said Mi-jung Lee, 18, pointing to the YG Family Concert promotional videos playing on the train's 19-inch LCD screens.

Holiday bash

Approximately 200,000 fans of YG Family's artists will be flocking to Seoul's Olympic Stadium for the company's end-of-year blowout concert.

Korea's hip-hop-meets-Jeremy Scott music powerhouse have a number of reasons to party it up -- following Big Bang's win for "Best Worldwide Act" at MTV Europe Music Awards earlier this month, YG Entertainment just listed its company shares on Korea's junior Kosdaq Index (KOSDAQ) this morning (23 November 2011), following the successful steps of fellow entertainment companies S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment Corp.

This year, the concert will feature not only its biggest acts Big Bang and 2NE1 but also Gummy, Se7en, Psy, Jinusean and rapper-songwriter Tablo, who is the latest addition to the company. So break out your high-tops and candy-colored skinny jeans and get ready to scream your head off come the first weekend of December.

YG Family Concert

December 3, 2011: 6 p.m.

December 4, 2011: 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Olympic Gymnastic Arena, Olympic Park, 88-2 Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul(서울특별시 송파구 방이동 88-2); +82 1566 5702;; All seats are ₩88,000 including taxes.

CNNGo is giving away 16 tickets to the YG Family Concert -- check out the details here

Credits: CNNGo

[Video] YG Family Concert Meeting

Credits: ygconcert

[Video] Soul by Ludacris with Big Bang CF

[Video] Big Bang's EMA Interview on Arabic TV Show 'Scoop'

Source: MemoChan20124

[News] YG Entertainment Stock Market Listing on BBC

One of South Korea's biggest music companies gets its first listing on the Kosdaq stock market Wednesday, in a sign of growing confidence within the industry.

Korean pop music, nicknamed K-pop, is very popular within the country but also in Japan and other parts of Asia.

It has become a key part of the South Korean government's attempts to increase its cultural influence overseas. From Seoul, the BBC's Lucy Williamson reports.

Watch Video Here

Credit : BBUpdates

[Video] Soul by Ludacris with Big Bang

Subbed video will be posted when available.

[News/Video]Celebrities prove they aren’t too cool for school

Ever wonder what it’d be like to go to school with a celebrity or to call your favorite idol star ‘sunbae (upperclassman)’?

[Video] T.O.P, 2PM, Running Man cast, Tablo: "Dynamic Duo is back!"

Dynamic Duo is a hip-hop duo and part of The Movement (hip-hop crew) with artists like Leessang, Dok2, Tiger JK and Epik High. They recently just made their comeback with the song, "Until The Sun Rises", which is part of their 10th anniversary album, DIGILOG 1/2.

[News] YG's Listing Goes Public, and Yang Hyun Suk’s Total Share Value Soars

On November 23, YG Entertainment listed its shares on South Korea’s junior stock market, KOSDAQ, and saw its per-share value more than double on its first day of trading. As a result, Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and chairman of YGE, now holds nearly $140 million USD in stock value.

[News] Top 10 Music Videos at the YouTube K-Pop Awards

Google Korea awarded on November 22nd the K-Pop artists whose music videos got the most number of views on YouTube. Only the top 3 groups/artists attended the event. Here's the top 10 list where 2 of BIGBANG's videos are included:

1. Super Junior - Mr. Simple (26,940,000+ Views)
2. 2NE1 - I'm The Best (22,009,000+ Views)
3. Hyuna - Bubble Pop (21,650,000+ Views)
4. SNSD - The Boys (19,370,000+ Views)
5. 2NE1 - Lonely (18,470,000+ Views)
6. BIGBANG - Tonight (16,310,000+ Views)
7. KARA - Step (15,220,000+ Views)
8. BIGBANG - Love Song (13,450,000+ Views)
9. 2NE1 - I Hate You (10,730,000+ Views)
10. f(x) - Pinocchio (10,680,000+ Views)

(Only views from January 1 - November 16, 2011 were counted)

Source: JoinsMSN

[Photos] T.O.P in Vogue Girl Korea (December Issue)

[News] Big Bang on the 2011 Leespiar Popularity Survey

2011 1st Half - Male Singers:
1. Lee Seung Ki - 14.3%
2. Big Bang - 12.9% 
3. 2PM - 10.9%
4. Kim Gun Mo - 7.3%
5. Yoon Do Hyun - 7.3%
6. 2AM - 7.0%
7. Kim Bum Soo - 6.1%
8. Jung Yeop - 6.0%
9. BEAST - 5.5%
10. Rain - 5.3%

[Photos] T.O.P in Harper's Bazaar Korea (December 2011)

T.O.P for Calvin Klein Jeans in Harper's Bazaar Korea:

[Video] Big Bang Backstage Greeting from MTV EMA

[Photos] Unseen photo of G-Dragon in Jeju

GD at the set of OH YEAH (Japanese Ver) MV in Jeju

Credits: 8次元Scorpio & 无敌小小鲍鱼 @ Baidu

Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Videos] MTV Big Bang in EMA Special

Link to backstage coverage: 

Link to red carpet coverage:

NOTE: The audio is off at some points (in the subbed vid).

Source: Studio C via and

[News] Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri Rank in Top 30 Male Singing Idols

A Korean vocal coach listed the best 17 idols who have great singing abilities. Sometimes k-pop idols are criticized for their vocals and not taken seriously, however most of them have great singing abilities that capture the hearts of fans.

[Subbed] Unseen cuts from MTV Seoul Sunday with G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri

Source: t105

[Photo] Big Bang featured in Bulgarian teen magazine, Bravo

[Photos] Big Bang for Soul by Ludacris Headphones (YGeShop Update)

[News] T.O.P featured in December issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea?

On the cover of the next issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea: "T.O.P, Real Life of Choi Seung Hyun" (text in yellow box):

(Update or scans to be posted when available)

Source: 하이염 @ Bestiz

Thursday, November 17, 2011

[News] BANGS Cyworld Blog Update (111116)

Hello, this is the administrator of BANGS.

First of all, I want to sincerely say thank you to all of the Big Bang fans that have loved the BANGS blog.

This update will be the last of the BANGS blog, as the operation of this blog is officially scheduled to be ceased. I am sorry to everyone who has been waiting for Season 2 until now.

The BANGS blog will utilize the fan art posting space and the community space so that the fans will be able to view the web toons and images whenever you would like.

Although the BANGS blog's operation will come to an end, I promise that BANGS will continue to meet you through Big Bang's characters.

I hope that you will continue to send a lot of love and support to Big Bang. Thank you.

Source: BANGS Cyworld
Translated by SARA @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff

For those not familiar with BANGS, these are the comic characters of BIGBANG -- Jingyo, Bebe, Tabi, Ssongie and Tori. Aside from the BANGS blog, YGE also published a BANGS comic book in 2009.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Photos] T.O.P for Cartier "Love" Exhibition (111116)

Credits: DCTOP

[Photos] T.O.P at Handprint Event for 2011 Blue Dragon Movie Festival (111611)

[Subbed] Taeyang and Tablo on KBS Joy Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal (111116)

[Photos] New Photos of Daesung as Hades for "What's Up"

Daesung as Hades

[News] T.O.P going to grad school next year?

In 2008, T.O.P. enrolled at Dankook University with Theater and Film Studies as his major. He is now doing his 8th semester there, which means that he will be graduating in February 2012. According to the staff at the university, "T.O.P is currently seeking for advice about which graduate school to attend. If this plan pushes through, he will be a graduate school freshman next year."

Source: Ohmynews
Translated by: RICE @ bigbangupdates

[NEWS] T.O.P was so nervous for the Blue Dragon Awards that he started smoking

Rising star, Lee Minjung, and Choi Seunghyun have finally met once again after one whole year. These two were able to raise their names up onto the list of leading roles for the future generations when they won the Best Rookie Award for male and female during last year’s Blue Dragon Awards.

Today, the two were able to talk about the time when the two of them were sitting down side by side during the award ceremony last year when Lee Minjung suddenly opened up to Choi Seunghyun to tell him that he was accidentally stepping on the tip of her dress. That was the first time the two had ever spoken to each other, and here they are now, one year later, to attend the Blue Dragon Award hand-printing ceremony. Choi Seunghyun stated that he frequently watched ‘Midas’, the drama Lee Minjung starred in, and she as well stated that she was a big fan of the GD & T.O.P album, so the two began asking each other questions that they were curious about.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[News] Taeyang and Big Bang mentioned in Tablo's Interview with 10Asia

Were you able to have great musicians feature in your album because you already knew them or did you also receive help from your new agency YG Entertainment?
Tablo: Other than Taeyang, I worked with everyone else in no relation to YG. In the case of Naul, I asked him because I knew him from rapping for one of his songs to his Brown Eyed Soul albums and I asked everyone else as well strictly in a professional way. That they should make a judgement based on the guide song and lyrics. And that they shouldn't feel any pressure because they don't need to if they don't think it's right for them. Even with Taeyang, I'd asked him through Hye-jung before because I'd wanted to work with him since a long time ago. Although before it was for a different song and after deciding to work with him this time around, I made "Tomorrow" with the thought that I'd like him to do something that he'd have more fun singing.

[News] Taeyang to perform at the "Korean Culture Art Awards" on the 21st

Event: Korean Culture Art Awards
Venue: Olympic Hall, Olympic Park
Date and Time: November 21st, 2011 - 6PM
Sponsored by:  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & KBS
Performers: Taeyang (BIGBANG), SNSD, Wonder Girls, B2ST, After School and more

Last year, Taeyang also attended the event and accepted an award for BIGBANG's contribution to Korean pop culture.

This year, Lee Soo-man (SM Ent), Shin Young-kyun, singer Ha Chun-hwa, musician Shin Jung-hyun, TV writer Yu Ho and voice-over actor Oh Seung-ryong will be awarded with Korean Culture Art Award medals. Park Jin Young (JYP), Yang Hyun Suk (YG), Lee Byung Hun, SNSD, B2ST, CNBlue and other idol groups will also be receiving special citations.

Sources: YGBIGBANG, Gmarket, Hancinema

[News] YG Entertainment sales increase due to Big Bang

Big Bang from YG Entertainment

It was recently revealed that YG Entertainment‘s stock price will only be worth 80% of SM Entertainment‘s.

Shinyoung Securities reported on the 14th that once YG Entertainment is registered with KOSDAQ on the 23rd, their estimated stock price will be roughly $58 USD per share. Considering that YG has had less promotions overseas and restricted group member promotions, they inevitably came up 20% short in comparison to SM Entertainment.

[News] Yang Min Suk's Interview on YGE going public

YG Entertainment to go public
‘When we obtain the additional revenue through the public listing, we will be able to do far better than what we have achieved over the last 15 years.’

[TRANSLATIONS] BIG BANG T.O.P Special Outdoor Winter Style [Concept 1-2]

사용자 삽입 이미지

Concept 1.
First Shoot featuring TOP in a red and brown Summit Alpha Jacket (M’S SUMMIT ALPHA JACKET/NF200B51) and a black top that finished the look.  Summit Alpha Summit existing jacket now has a newer version of specifications and lining that makes it shine better than before. TOP is definitely the one who can pull off such a style. + _ +

[News] Taeyang envious of Tablo?

On Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal where Taeyang and Tablo were guests, Taeyang confessed, "Tablo hyung, I really envy you."

On the show, Taeyang revealed that he was jealous of Tablo because of a text Tablo got from Yang Hun Suk. When Tablo's new album got the 1st spot on iTunes' Hip-Hop chart, Yang sent him a cute emoticon. Taeyang continued, "I still haven't received any emoticons from Yang Hyun Suk. I envy him."

This episode of Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal will be on broadcast on the 16th at 12:10 AM.

Source: Nate
Translated by: RICE @ bigbangupdates

[News] Big Bang and 2NE1 Evolve the International Face of K-Pop

K-Pop has been laying down its foundation and quietly deepening its roots within the global music industry.SNSD and Kara in Japan, Wonder Girls in America, the whole SM Family and JYJ in Europe, it is without a doubt that K-Pop has increasingly globalized.

[Video] Melon Music Awards: Top 10 Artists of 2011

[News] Cartier to hold "Love" exhibit featuring T.O.P and more

Cartier's message of Love.

For the 5th straight year, Cartier will hold an exhibition with the International Vaccine Institute for the "Saving the Lives of the Children of the World" campaign. Donations and proceeds from the event will be donated to the International Vaccine Institute for the cause.