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[Photos] BIG SHOW 2011 DVD Korea & Japan Version

Korea versions.

[Video] Big Bang Mentioned on Brazilian TV Show "Redetv HD"

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[News] Big Bang and GD&TOP on Monkey3's Top Songs for the First Half of 2011

Big Bang is at #3 with "TONIGHT".
GD&TOP are at #19 with "HIGH HIGH".

Source: Bestiz via sarahkristine@soompi_bigBang forums

[News/Video] MNet M!Countdown Terminators of Rankings for the First Half of 2011

GD&TOP Ranked #3
Big Bang Ranked #1

Source:Allkpop, video via Crazycarrotextra@youtube

[News] G-Dragon Bean Pole "Super Style Audition" Event

This is a free event for all. G-Dragon will be the style mentor in the upcoming event held by Bean Pole this Sunday.

Make sure you catch him live on streaming if you’re not there .

◆ Details ◆
Event : Bean Pole Super Style Audition
Date/Time : Sun, July 3, 14:00 – 15:00
Where: Jamsil Indoor Stadium Map
Live stream: http://www.beanpole....t/livestore.jsp
Source :BEAN POLE BLOG via TeamBIGBANG @ twitter
Credit: teambigbang and soompi_bigbang forum

[Photo] Big Bang surpasses 200k mark in Hanteo this year!

Source:Hanteo Charts and SarahKristine @ soompi_BigBang forums

(VIDEOS) Taeyang @ Mnet Idol Chart Show’s “Body That Purifies Eyes”

Big Bang Taeyang #9 for Idols with “Body That Purifies Eyes”!
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(PHOTO) Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Wallpaper (July 2011)

Source : Lotte Duty Free // happyrichlife@ameblo + shared by 21Bangs
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[INFO] GD&TOP to Perform at "Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011"

This is a concert that will be held in Incheon (Korea) for Japanese fans. More info to follow as it becomes available.

Source: Lookkorea Via Happyrichlife @ ameba

[Twitter] Taeyang chats with 2NE1's Minzy and Trainer Hwang Ssabu on Twitter

Translation Below the cut.

Hwang Ssabu (Hwang Ssabu) : A corn a day to remove fat of internal organs.
TaeYang (RealTeayang) : Hurry tell this fact to Boomi noona, kkk~
Minzy (Mingkki21) : They’re great?! Cute!

Source: RealTaeyang, mingkki21, Hwangssabu @twitter and bigbangforlife @ tumblr
Translation: BIGBANGforLife @ twitter and Rice @ Big Bang Updates

[News] New GD&TOP Logo and Album Cover Design

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Thank you for giving so much love to the GD&TOP 1st Album that was released last year on December 24th.

The GD&TOP bunny logo was mentioned many times in GD&TOP’s interviews because the logo was designed as an image of a bunny’s ears combined with the victory “V” hand sign, based on the Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s bunny logo.

However, the company did not receive permission regarding the original bunny logo trademark rights that belongs to Playboy, so it has no association with Playboy’s work.

The company has considered the confusion from the issue and has received a polite request from Playboy Inc., and accordingly, we have decided to no longer use GD&TOP’s bunny logo.

Sales of the GD&TOP album that used the bunny logo will be halted, and the release of a NEW COVER Ver. with a new logo is planned for July.

We ask for everyone’s interest and support for the newly designed GD&TOP 1st Album New COVER Ver. (same content as the existing version) to be released in July.

Thank you!!

Credits: YGE
Translation by Sara @ bigbangupdates |

[Twitter] Taeyang Twitter Update

Credits: @Realtaeyang

[Video/Translation] Thelma Aoyama talks about Big Bang and Taeyang!

Translation below the cut

[Video] Don't Leave (Jibe Gajima) MV from Big Show 2011 DVD

Credits: seamew44 via bigbangworldwide

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[Video] Big Bang Lotte Duty Free CF Japan Version

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[Interview] Cha Seung Won mentions T.O.P in an interview

You've been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now so a lot of thoughts must’ve come to your mind when you come across such portrayal of that.
I think people think only of themselves too much. Once someone starts getting attacked, others do as well even without ill-will. But it gradually gets worse. So I’m hoping that people think about this at least once and look back on themselves. Things such as, ‘Why do I hate that person in particular? Why am I attacking?’ For now, I don’t think they really have a reason. They said, ‘Just,’ didn’t they? It’s disappointing.

Well that issue is handled in the drama but when it comes to ill comments on the Internet, I think the media is not entirely free from the responsibility of writing about them and rumors.
I once talked about (Choi) Seung-hyun in an interview while working on film "71 Into the Fire." And the reporter asked me what I thought of his acting. He's young and doesn't have any acting experience so of course he wouldn't be good. But he's not someone who regards acting as an easy job. He puts in a lot of effort into acting which he in his own way, finds value in, so I think he should be respected for that. So I said he doesn’t act like he’s somebody because he’s an idol star and Seung-hyun really worked hard for three months, living his life as his character, but the reporter just wrote, ‘Choi Seung-hyun is bad at acting.’ I think there are reporters who should reflect on themselves and that everybody should think about this problem.

Source: Asiae

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[NEWS] BIGBANG & GD&TOP Top 30 songs of the first half of 2011

Recently, the numbers of streamings and downloads from the Korean music site Dosirak were tallied up to calculate the hit songs of the first half of 2011. The calculations were made during the January 1st and June 24th

[omitted non-bigbang related]

1. “Black and White” – G.Na
2. “Good Day” – IU
3. “Shy Boy” – Secret
4. “TONIGHT” – Big Bang
5. “Someday” – IU
6. “Intuition” – CNBLUE
7. “The Story Only I didn’t Know” – IU
8. “My Heart is Beating” – K.Will
9. “Twinkle Twinkle” – Girl’s Day
10. “Pinocchio” – f(x)
11. “Tok Tok” (ft. SOYA) – Mighty Mouth
12. “That Man”  Hyun Bin
13. “Well Done” – Navi
14. “You Are the Best of My Life” – Lee Hyun (8Eight)
15. “Are You Crazy” (ft. Bang Yong Gook) – Song Ji Eun (Secret)
16. “Mirror Mirror” – 4minute
17. “Please” – Kim Bum Soo
18. “Day by Day” – Kim Bo Kyung
19. “Heart to Heart” – 4minute
20. “Don’t Cry” – Park Bom (2NE1)
21. “For First Time Lovers” (Banmal Song) – Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE)
22. “Bangkok City” – Orange Caramel
23. “Heartsore Story/Words that Freeze My Heart” (ft. B2ST Yong Joon Hyung) – Wheesung
24. “Love Song” – Big Bang
25. “High High” – GD&TOP
26. “Cafe” – Big Bang
27. “Oh Yeah” (ft. Park Bom) – GD&TOP
28. “Keep Your Head Down” – DBSK
29. “Ma Boy” – SISTAR19
30  “Supa Dupa Diva” – Dal★Shabet

Source: @soompi

[Subbed] G-Dragon on Infinity Challenge Part.3 (110625)

Source:ClefableClefair via BigBangWorld

[News] “Bring YG to the UK” Flash Mob Scheduled for July 9th

Fans in the U.K are organizing a flash mob event to bring YG Entertainment to London. On Facebook, there is a public event page titled “Bring YG to the UK” with almost 600 users confirming their attendance (200 maybe attending). The flash mob is scheduled to take place on July 9th from 3:00PM at the Trafalgar Square in central London.

The event page describes the event as “a chance to really show the huge and growing YG fan base in the UK – hopefully it’ll be even better than the one they did in Paris for SM :)”

It gives four options for the dress code: Lollipop theme, Uniqlo Big Bang t-shirts, bright colors with lots of accessories, and Dr. Dre Beats headphones. The list of songs they plan on performing include: 1TYM’s “Hot,” Se7en’s “Digital Bounce” and “Better Together,” Big Bang’s “Love Song,” “Lie,” “Last Farewell,” “High High,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” 2NE1’s “Fire,” “I Don’t Care,” and “I Am the Best.” The flash mob will end with 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” the organizer said.

But according to local media [Korean], YG Entertainment was not aware of this event taking place. YGE told Sports Chosun:
“We did not know English fans were gathering together for this event. In the past, YG artists received a number of calls from European music festivals to come and perform. We see there is demand for our concert in Europe, but realistically, it won’t be happening anytime soon. The situation with Daesung has not been solved yet, and 2NE1 already is scheduled to run Japanese promotions in September. But setting feasibility issues aside, we’re just thankful for the fans showing so much interest. We hope this becomes a chance to really globalize K-Pop.”

A flash mob event was held in Paris last April to request for an additional “SM Town World Tour in Paris” concert. The event took place in front of the Louvre receiving massive press coverage from all over the world. SM Entertainment originally planned for a single concert in Paris, but following the flash mob event, decided to add another concert. This has led flash mobs to be organized in other parts of the world as well, including Toronto and New York, where flash mobs will take place on July 2nd and July 6th, respectively, to request SM Town Live concerts in North America.

Source: Naver
Translation by Soompi

[News] Lawyer: Daesung may receive minor, lesser conviction in motorcyclist's death

Following the declaration of the Seoul Yeong Deung Po Police last June 24 that tagged Big Bang member Daesung as the suspect in the death of a motorcyclist that her ran over with his car last May 31, thousands of fans are asking what will happen to the K-pop idol.

Daesung has been indicted without detention. The case is now with Korean prosecutors who will determine what laws have been violated and what charges will be filed against the singer.

Korean media said that Daesung is facing up to five years in prison and a fine of 20 million won (about P803,000).

Bulletin Entertainment sought the opinion of an American lawyer in Seoul regarding Daesung’s case and he says that the singer may end up getting minor and lesser punishment.

Lawyer Michael Sawyer, who works at the Department of Law at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, said if the incident happened in the US, Daesung would probably be charged with two crimes: speeding (a less serious crime) and criminally negligent homicide/manslaughter.

The Korean police and the National Forensic Service investigations showed that the victim, Hyun, who was lying on the road after his motorcycle hit a lamppost, died after Daesung’s car ran over him. It was also shown that Daesung was speeding, driving at 70 to 80 km per hour, beyond the limit of 60 km per hour.

Sawyer, who is a practicing attorney in the US and not in South Korea, said criminally negligent homicide/manslaughter can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and state law (if the crime occurred in the US).

He said in the US, there would be at least two legal issues. The first is whether Daesung’s careless inattention/negligence to keep a clear lookout onto the road in front of his car contributed to the accident.

The second is if his speeding contributed to the accident, Sawyer said. The Korean police said the victim’s body was dragged by Daesung’s car to about 22.8 meters.

He said Daesung’s stature and lack of a prior criminal record will work to his advantage.

“However, perhaps in part due to his fame and lack of a prior criminal record, I suspect that he will walk, perhaps with some minor/lesser conviction on his record,” Sawyer said.

In addition, the payment of “blood money” to the family of the victim may reduce Daesung’s punishment, Sawyer said.

The offer of “blood money,” often brokered by the police, is recognized by the Korean legal system to reduce the punishment of an offender. The mere offering of “blood money” is seen by the legal system as a sign of remorse and can reduce one’s sentence.

“There would probably be a similar result in the USA less the blood money,” Sawyer said.

Other circumstances may work on Daesung’s favor. After the accident, Daesung did not flee the crime scene and cooperated with the police by going to the police station to give his statement. He also passed a breathalyzer test that declared that he was not under the influence when the car accident happened.

Due to the accident, Daesung will not be participating in any activity until the end of the year, YG Entertainment announced.

Source: Manila Bulletin Philippines via Dlite Lover

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[NEWS] G-Dragon’s mouth gag is an humiliation..Jung Hyun Dong “the completion of fashion”!

G-Dragon of Big Bang wore a mouth gag in ‘Infinity Challenge’ today and it has become a hot topic.
On 25th, in MBC TV ‘Infinity Challenge’. showed us that the members of ‘the West Coast Highway Singing Festival’ have left the Membership Training. Some of the singers were found leaving the programme wearing mouth gags.

It is especially attention revoking when the idol cum fashionista G-Dragon had to wear it too. The fashionable G-Dragon was commented by Jung Hyung Dong whom want to win in the show as, ‘cute, this is just what we can call ‘the completion of fashion.’ He said G-Dragon looked even better with the mouth gag.

G-Dragon was wearing it when he has to sing the hit song, ‘Lies‘ of Big Bang. Netizens commented on the humiliation that G- Dragon had to suffer from ‘ Even you are like this, you are cool although it is not what you feel about it.’ There are times that we have to break away from the cute G-Dragon.’ ‘I bursted out the bread that I am eating.’  and so on.

In the programme, Jeong Jaehyeong had to wear the mouth gag too. He said, ‘after seeing G-Dragon wearing the mouth gag, my heart is at ease of wearing it now.’ which has attracted laughters. 

Translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates

(VIDEO) Fancam of Big Bang LG Big Mini Concert

[Videos] G-Dragon MBC Infinity Challenge “Ganghwado MT” part 3

[News] Big Bang will perform complete with 5 of them again in the future

Big Bang has done their heartfelt confession towards the member, Daesung whom was involved in a traffic accident.

'Big Bang Mini Concert' was held in the evening of 25th, at Nonhyun Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul. All members have captured the stage as usual besides Daesung. 

Daesung's part was done by the backup dancers instead during the show. However, when they were performing the last song, Taeyang said, 'Currently, Big Bang is going through a period of tough time but we will deliver good shows to you in the future. ' And G- Dragon said, 'We are going to show you the stages with 5 of us together performing on.'

At the meantime,the investigation report of Daesung's traffic accident which happened on Yonghwa Bridge on 31st has been done. At 10 am of 24th,a press conference was held at Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station, and the representative said, 'it is the negligence of Daesung which caused the death of Mr. Hyun in the accident.'

translated: rice@bbupdates

[Photos] G-Dragon Official Photos from Infinity Challenge (110625)

[Photos] More Big Bang @ LG BIG Mini Concert Press Photo (110625)

[Photos] Big Bang @ LG BIG Mini Concert Press Photo (110625)

[News] Daesung suspending all promotions until the end of this year to self-reflect

Big Bang member Daesung will suspend all promotions until the end of this year, for reasons regarding the fatal car accident on May 31st.

It was revealed that Daesung will take time to self-reflect and atone for his accident on the 31st at the Seoul Yanghwa bridge, acknowledging his responsibility in causing the death of motorcyclist Hyun, following the police’s announcement of the autopsy results.

Agency YG Entertainment had stated, "After the end of May's concerts in Japan, Daesung and the members of Big Bang are resting without any special scheduled promotions", adding "since there are no important scheduled promotions due to no concerts or albums, Daesung's halt of promotions will not affect the team's next step."

However, for the already scheduled Big Bang mini-concert on the 25th at Seoul Nonhyun-dong, Daesung was asked to be excused, and the stage will consist of the other four members without Daesung.

Due to the accident, Daesung's drivers license will be revoked, and it is expected that he will have a trial at the Seoul Southern District Court. The police stated that if an agreement with the family of the deceased Hyun is submitted, Daesung's charges may be reduced.

For some time following the car accident, Daesung was reported to be at a loss for words and look depressed, but  not long ago, he began going back to attending his church to pray and receive counseling from the pastor, through which he has been enduring through this difficult time.

In response to the accident’s autopsy result announcement and news of the halt of promotions, netizens are giving encouragement with comments such as, “Please be resolved smoothly”, “I hope you come back brighter”, and “We’ll be waiting for you”.

Source: Nate + FN News
Translated by: Sara @ bigbangupdates + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

Friday, June 24, 2011

(NEWS) Prosecution on Daesung, a red light on Big Bang’s activities.

On 24th, Seoul Yeongdeungpo police station has announced the result of the autopsy report for the motorcyclist in the traffic accident which Daesung was involved. They confirmed that the deceased had died from the hit of Daesung’s car. It is also said that the future activities of Big Bangwill be halted. After the police has held the general briefing of the accident, their agency YGE has decided to stop the activities which are being carried out by Daesung temporarily.

On 25th, Big Bang is going to hold a mini concert at Seoul, Plantoon Kunsthalle, Gangam-gu, besides Daesung, all the other 4 members will appear on the stage. Their agency YGE said, ‘ we will carry out the concert as we have planned. T.O.P., G-Dragon, Seungri and Taeyang will attend it but Daesung will not. At the meantime,Daesung is refraining from carrying out any activities and having some time for himself to reflect over the incident.’

He elaborated,’ the activities of Big Bang in the 1st half of this year has been completed and for this incident, they are having a break from the activities now.’ The concert on 25th is their last scheduled activties in the 1st half of this year, YGE continued, ‘ we have not fixed their activities for the second half of this year yet. After the concert, we will try to discuss with the members about the plan in the second half of the year.’

Besides Daesung, the members of Big Bang might proceed their individual and united activities but it is still unclear now. Their agency said, ‘ We have not discussed the future activities of the other members yet so it is not clear now. And of course, besides Daesung, we will have enough time to discuss about their plan in the second half of the year internally.’

After the incident, Daesung was reported to have been staying indoors. The official of YGE said, ‘Daesung has experienced a great shock. Currently, he is staying in the dormitory. It is difficult for us to tell more about the situation in details.’

Source: Isplus
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

(INFO) YG Newsletter 2011 BIGBANG BIGSHOW Special Series

Source: YG Ent + YGe-shop

[PHOTO] Seungri shares a photo with model agency “K Plus Media”‘s CEO

source: 내귀가이상한거냐@bestiz

[Photos] Big Bang on Spring Magazine + Vivi Magazine (August Edition)

[VIDEO] Shaun Evaristo reveals he will return to Korea to work with GDYB!

source: pacificrimvideo@yt via: juang_bb@soompi

[NEWS] Brave Brothers royalties income 10 billion, more than G-Dragon?

The comparison of royalty income (music copyright fee) between producer Brave Brothers and Big Bang’s G-Dragon has garnered attention.

Brave Brothers (real name Kang Dong Chul) appeared on the episode of “Beatles Code” that aired on Mnet on June 23rd and said that after producing hits like Lexy’s “Above the Sky”, Son Dambi’s “Crazy” and Brown Eyed Girl’s “How”, he earned 10 billion in royalties.

On the other hand, Big Bang’s Seungri also attracted attention for uncovering G-Dragon’s royalties last month, on the same program.

Seungri explained, “G-Dragon receives a lot of income from royalties, more than composer Cho Young Soo. G-Dragon is currently considered #1 in the Copyright Association. G-Dragon has registered about 120 songs under his name. Songs for his solo album, for Big Bang, Taeyang, 2NE1, and Uhm Jung Hwa.” with that it was presumed his revenue would be higher than Brave Brothers.

 Source: ntn.seoul

[Video] Taeyang Voted #3 in "Pop in Seoul" Top 5 Idol Dancers


[Video] The Big Bang Show to be aired on TBS Japan on July 30

Source: happyrichlife0818@youtube via mira_flower @twitter

[Video] Press Conference of Daesung's accident on SSTV

Source: undercoverYGfamily@youtube via mira_flower @twitter

[News] YG Speaks Out Regarding Daesung’s Accident & Autopsy Results

Earlier today, we reported the autopsy results regarding Big Bang's Daesung’s May 31st accident. Just recently, Yonhap News was able to get a short phone interview with Yang Hyun Suk, head of Big Bang’s YG Entertainment. He replied, “Daesung will take the moral responsibility for the accident and follow legal procedures.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “Daesung is currently in a state of shock. He will be taking time off and halting all of his activities as a celebrity to reflect on the unfortunate accident. Things are very hectic right now, so it is difficult to say anything regarding Big Bang’s current and future activities.”

Source: Yonhap News
Translated by Soompi

[News] Police recommend indictment of Big Bang member Daesung

Police on Friday recommended that prosecutors indict idol group Big Bang member Daesung for his involvement in a car accident which has resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Korea's National Forensic Service and police had been investigating into the accident which occurred on May 31 when Daesung failed to notice that the motorcyclist, identified only by his last name Hyun, was laying on the road from an accident, and hit him as well as a taxi driver checking on Hyun.

"We judged that Daesung was negligent in his responsibility to look ahead of him while driving so he ran over Hyun who was on the floor which inflicted multiple injuries on him and led to his death," police said of their decision to seek the charge of the 22-year-old idol star.

Police said that Hyun, driving under the heavy influence of alcohol, fell off his bike after colliding into a streetlight on which he hit his head and he suffered "extremely severe injuries from it" but it cannot be concluded that this was the single cause of his death since Daesung hit him about two minutes later.

Police added, "We can assume that the injuries Hyun suffered from his intial collision -- to his eye area, face, neck and back -- could have been life threatening but the injuries he suffered from being run over are so extensive that is difficult to distinguish the two."

"Therefore we judge that he died due to his collision into the streetlight and the multiple injuries he suffered from being run over," police stated.

The case will now be turned over to prosecutors.

Source: 10Asia

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[NEWS] Police confirm that motorcyclist Hyun died from Daesung’s car crash

On June 24th, the Seoul, Youngdeungpo police revealed, “Hyun, the deceased motorcyclist involved inDaesung’s car accident, died from Daesung’s collision.  As a result, the police will be making a dispatch to charge him without detention.”

On this day, the Youngdeungpo police held a press conference revealing their investigations and confirmed that there was only a 132 second window between the first accident and the collision with Daesung’s car.  They revealed, “There was only about two minutes between his motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, so we have determined that Hyun did not die in that time frame.  There were not a lot of cars on the road and the speed limit was 60km/h, but we discovered through the taxi’s video that he was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

When asked to confirm whether there was a previous hit-and-run accident, police stated, “It has nothing to do with the case. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road at the time, and his alcohol level was 0.186.  It has nothing to do with a hit-and-run.”

With confirmation that Hyun was killed by Daesung’s car, what Daesung will be charged for is currently unknown.  The law currently states that he could be jailed for under five years, or pay a penalty of $20,000 USD.

source: akp

Damn it...I hate it..>< He hit him without knowing it! It shouldn't be his fault after all..Even if Dae is the one who caused the motorcyclist died, Dae shouldn't be jailed! *sob..sob..*

(FAN-ACCOUNT) The nail-beautician, “G-Dragon has a unique glossy look”

The photos are posted at the sources about  Minx Nail’s official news since I am not going to disclose any news, I think it is okay to upload the photos here.

It is just a brief account about what happened at that time

I have prepared various concepts and dozens of designs for G- Dragon who looks good with Minx Nail’s silver lighting nail arts. It gave him a unique glossy look no matter which angel you look at him.

Source: DCGD via Mira_Flower@ twitter
Translated: Rice@bigbangupdates

[News] 'Dazed And Confused' Magazine has swept Japan

Attention is attracted since the magazines which features Big Bang on their covers have been sold out in Japan.

The five members of Big Bang has been featured in the five versions of the magazine, 'Dazed and Confused'. Not only are the magazines popular in Korea but it is also said that they are well received in Japan.

'Dazed and Confused' July Issue has been sold out on Koritame, the online shopping site of  Japan in just 4 hours. And on 23rd, the retailers have already accepted addition preorders of the magazines.

Moreover, this shopping item has also claimed the 9th place for the keyword which is mostly searched at Google Japan. Therefore, it is said to have established a phenomenon in Japan.

In the weekly sales ranking of Koritame website, under the category of  'other goods', the magazines have swept the 1st to the 5th places. The ranking of the versions of different members have also attracted attention.

The rankings of the magazines with different covers are as the following: G- Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Victory and SOL.

Source: hankyung  via Dlitelover @twitter
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

[News] Shane came to Korea for Audition instead of America because of Taeyang?

Shane has explained why he is not the supporter of  'American Idol' but that of MBC 'Star Audition' .
On 22th, in 'Golden Fishery Radio Star', after the MC asked, 'besides American idol, which artists do you think can be considered as world stars?' the Canadian participant, Shane (he is from MBC Star Audition and was eliminated before final) told the MC, 'I was interested in Kpop.'

Shane said, 'in the past, there was a channel which showed a lot of interesting music videos and then I saw Taeyang's (Big Bang) 'Wedding Dress' MV. Therefore, my interest towards Korea music industry has grown and I came from my home country to here for the audition. '

Source: osen and reviewstar
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

[News/Photo] Seungri attended '100 STAR CRAFT' exhibition opening event

In the afternoon of 23rd, Seungri appeared in Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-dong in order to attend the '100 STAR CRAFT' exhibition opening event of 'InStyle', the fashion magazine.  The Magazine has held an exhibition called '100 Star Craft Photo Time' in order to commemorate their 100th issue.

The 100th issue of 'InStyle' will publish and compile the photos of 100 domestic stars in order to celebrate this special date.On the other hand, the '100 STAR CRAFT' event is an exhibition in which the pictures of the 100 selected artists are displayed and the proceeds will be donated to the charity.

Meanwhile, the '100 STAR CRAFT' exhibition will be held from 29th June to 17th July at Cheongdam Gallery. 

Source: naver and starin
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

[News] "BIG SHOW 2011" album ranks 1st on Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of the Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

{other parts ommited}

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking (June)

1. Big Bang – “2011 Big Bang Live Concert ‘BIG SHOW’”
2. f(x) – “‘Hot Summer’ f(x) 1st Album Repackage”
3. Various Artists – “I Am A Singer Match 1 (CD)”
4. Kim Bum Soo – “Solista Part. 2″
5. Various Artists – “The Greatest Love OST”
6. After School – “Virgin”
7. SNSD – “‘Run Devil Run’ The 2nd Album Repackage”
8. F.T Island - “RETURN (EP)”
9. B2ST – “Fiction And Fact”
10. Various Artists – “The Greatest Love OST – National Treasure Girls Package (CD)”

Source: GAON Chart
Translated by: allkpop

[Photo] Daesung Pose with Minx Nail Technician

Source: bigbang hk via MaggotfrhVIP @ twitter

[Photo] Big Bang appearing LG BIG Mini Concert's Tickets

[Photos] Big Bang on 10asia+Star Vol.2 Summer 2011 Magazine

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Photos] Fan Taken Photos of Taeyang in Japan

According to Japanese fans at the concert, Taeyang attended Shimizu Shota’s concert in Japan on the 20th which would explain why he went by himself.

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon & TOP filming a new Beverage CF?

[click on the picture for a bigger size]

source:  권부장@bestiz +kk@dcgd
via IBB

[VIDEO] Flashmob in France sing Big Bang’s “Love Song”!

vid: effyneo@yt

[News] BIGBANG2 Ranks 35th in Oricon Charts "Top 50 Albums Ranking" for the First Half of 2011

Today Oricon announced its “Top 50 Album Ranking” for the first half of the year (2011).As seen from the ranking,BIG BANG has taken their 2nd Japan album “BIGBANG 2″ to No. 35 with the impressive 91,217 copies sold.

The album was dropped on May 11 which is also the mark of their successful Japan concerts,BIG BANG Presents Love and Hope Tour 2011.So,in less than 2 months,BIG BANG has set a new record in the unit album sale in Japan so far.

Note: charting was conducted from the period of 2010/12/27~2011/6/20

Source: ORICON via TeamBigBang (photo credit: TeamBigBang)

[Photos] 2011 Big Bang BIG SHOW Making Movie and Photo E-Book

[PHOTO] G-Dragon & TOP & Taeyang BTS shot at D&C!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[NEWS] Sean hints a possible YG Family World Tour!

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[NEWS] GD&TOP and TaeYang to Perform in Toyota’s SuperTraxx!

SuperTraxx Concert Announces Superstar Artist Lineup Featuring Live Performances by Grammy Award Nominee BoB and Korean Pop Music Sensations Drunken Tiger & T information 报, G – TOP and the Dragon, Taeyang, and Miss A

To celebrate and energize the inspirational athletes as they prepare for the upcoming World Championships Daegu 2011, the inaugural SuperTraxx Concert has just unveiled a superstar lineup of top international and Korean music acts confirmed to take the special main stage on Friday August 5th at Pentaport Dream Park in Incheon, South Korea. SuperTraxx will showcase stellar live performances by Grammy Award nominated artist BoB, Korean Music Award winners Drunken Tiger & T, Taeyang, and Miss A, as well as K-Pop chart-toppers G-Dragon & TOP.

Presented by Toyota, the SuperTraxx Concert adds a unique boost to the World Championships Daegu 2011 by fusing the World Championships Daegu 2011 with the hottest music artists, SuperTraxx is set to deliver an unrivaled experience for athletics and music fans alike.

Advance tickets start date: June 21, 2011. VIP Package Contest entries: SuperTraxx from July 1, 2011
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[VIDEO] New Partnership, Nikon with YG Family- Making

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[NEWS] Kim Joong Man talks about Big Bang’s DAZED&CONFUSED Concepts + TOP’s eye infection

The photographer Kim Joong-man worked with three cameras. Big Bang members gathered what ideas they wanted to show, even amidst their busy schedule in japan.

Taeyang, who has a serious image, wanted to show Good and Bad. Daesung, who has a warm image, wanted to show coldness. Seungri wanted to show double-sided-ness. TOP wanted to show angry chaplain (for a reason he asked me not to publish with his handsome face, so i shall keep it a secret). G-Dragon even got himself special contact lenses. 

The day before the photoshoot, TOP contacted an eye infection and did his photoshoot separately. The four other members concentrated on the photoshoot for over 12 hours. A few days later, TOP showed up earlier than the promised time.

To the polite editor, TOP was sorry and said, “I’m too late, aren’t I?” and he checked details on what emotions he should have and what faces he should make before the shoot began.

Editor, who was choosing the best pictures which came out as a result of many peoples’ passions, mumbled to himself— “why havent you been to yet, until now!” 

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[Photos] Seungri for Dazed and Confused