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[News] The Autopsy begins

Big Bang’s member Daesung (22, legal name: Kang Daesung) related to a fatal car accident. The police begins the autopsy on victim Hyun (30). Seoul Youngdeaungpo police stated that “the autopsy began at 9 AM and the result will take about 15 days.”

The autopsy will focus on when exactly Hyun died, on or before Daesung’s car crash. The police will also find out “whether or not there was another accident before Daesung and whether or not Hyun was dead before Daesung came.” The investigation will continue to find where the motorcyclist came from and will analyze the deceased’s blood.

Daesung will probably not be called for a second questioning because he was cooperative enough for all info needed on the first questioning, but if a second is necessary, “it will be done in private.”

Daesung hit a bleeding motorcyclist on the ground then a taxi with his Audi last 31st at 1:28 AM. The motorcyclist died on the spot. Daesung was questioned for five hours right after the accident and was sent home around 7AM that morning. 


Source:Nate + Translated by: toptopia@tumblr

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon Bean Pole blog photo updates!

[Photos] Inside Daesung's Car

Inside Daesung's car, they found pack of gum, a Korean Bible, Daesung's iphone and a box for Jo Malone candles.

The news article stated:
Daesung was carrying a bible in his car because he is really faithful thanks to his father’s teachings. Yang Hyun Suk spoke about Daesung’s state again,
“Daesung was in a big shock from this accident and he cried a lot. Apart from whether it was his fault or not, grieving for the death of the motorcycle driver is much harder for him."

Source: Daum and as tagged via teambigbang

[Photo] Daesung's Accident Covered by Thai News

Source: @naominong via DLiteLover

[Photo] G-Dragon for Nikon "Shot a Day" (110601)

[Video/News] Daesung's car accident report on KBS News (110531)

On the 9PM (KST) news.

Source: Happyrichlife

[NEWS] Big Bang featured on Swiss Magazine “Friday”

A free Swiss magazine distributed by a newspaper company called ’20 minuten’, (The magazine is distributed to the whole German-speaking part of Switzerland.) “Friday“, features current fashion, films, gossip and other news from the world and this time Big Bang was featured! 
“The most convincing boygroups and the Screamfactor (as in fangirls)”

From: South Korea
Type: Korea-Pop-Boygroup
Since: 2006
Age: 20 to 23
Plus/Advantage: The exotic bonus. Big Bang sings in Korean, Japanese and English.
Hit: The new EP <> made it to the 10th place on the US-iTunes-Charts. The single <> has 6 Million Youtube Views.
Next: South Korea is too small, so next on the list are Japan and North America.
Screamfactor: 3 Hearts out of 5

Scan and translated: MayPing

[NEWS] Jay Park supports the VIPS by trending #wesupportdaesung

Source: Jay Park’s twitter

[News] Big Bang Lotte Duty Free June Calendar Wallpapers

DOWNLOAD: 1280p | 1024p

DOWNLOAD: 1280p | 1024p

Source: Lotte DFS

[NEWS] YG’s second statement, police still unsure whether Daesung was speeding

On May 31st, a YG Entertainment representative stated,
“The taxi driver who was rear-ended by Daesung has said that Daesung had not been driving that fast; he said that he felt he had driven at about 60 km/h. Although Daesung was the one who told the authorities that he was driving at 80 km/h, this was said while he was in a state of great shock and confusion.”
The site of the accident is on a downhill slope – isn’t it normal for most drivers to not have their foot on the accelerator while driving downhill? Therefore, in order to find at what speed Daesung was driving at, there must be an on-site investigation.“
Previously, the Seoul Youngdeung-Po Police Department stated,
“Daesung violated the rules for safe driving by not being able to see in front of him while driving at 80 km/h. If Daesung had in fact been driving at 80 km/h (where the speed limit was 60 km/h), it would be considered to be a speed limit violation. However, because that figure was part of Daesung’s testimony, in order to find out exactly how fast he was going, more investigation needs to be done.“
Meanwhile, the police are examining the accident in great detail, combing through certain facts like how the motorcyclist was already bleeding before Daesung’s accident, leading to a theory of a possible prior hit-and-run. According to the police, Daesung seemed to have not seen the motorcyclist because he was scrambling to brake when he saw the stopped taxi in front of him.

It’s been revealed that Daesung hadn’t been driving under the influence and that the taxi driver did not sustain any major injuries. After the accident, Daesung and the taxi driver underwent five hours of investigation by the authorities before returning home.

At the police station, Daesung said, “There was one car behind the taxi in the first lane. When both cars suddenly moved to the second lane, I couldn’t avoid hitting the taxi that had returned to the first lane to stop.”

The police revealed, “We plan to find the cause of the motorcyclist’s death. In order to determine if the motorcyclist had died due to Daesung’s car, we had requested a detailed analysis from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation and have obtained the CCTV footage from the area. We plan to investigate this scientifically.”

It appears that results of the motorcycle analysis will take up to 7-10 days.

Daesung has received much shock due to this accident. A YG representative revealed, ”After finishing the police investigation at 7AM, Daesung has returned to his dorm with his manager.”
YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, “We will continue to follow the results that the police investigations reveal regarding the accident. Currently, Daesung’s distress is not due to his mistake, but due to his sorrow for the motorcyclist who died due to an accident.”

(source: akp)

[NEWS] Possible Charges that Daesung could face are released

Group Bigbang’s Daesung was involved in a car accident on the 31st. The Police stated that the victim has deceased and that Daesung is charged with ‘neglecting safe driving duties.’

Since Daesung’s car hit a motorcycle that had already fallen before his arrival and not a moving car, his charge is ‘neglectful accident’ rather than a ‘intrusion of safe driving distance.’

Daesung’s punishment depends on whether or not the motorcyclist was dead at the time of Daesung’s car crash.

If the motorcyclist was already dead when Daesung’s car crashed, this is a ‘ruin of corpse’ and not a ‘car accident violence’ and thus Daesung is not lawfully responsible for a compensation, although morally expected.

Even if the motorcyclist was alive when the second collision (by Daesung’s car) occurred, Daesung’s “neglect” was not heavy (a ‘heavy neglect’ would include DUI and traffic signal violation) and therefore will not lead to Daesung’s imprisonment and the like. He is, however, lawfully responsible to compensate. A typical fatal car accidents are at least $18,000 ~ $28,000 and depends on the annual income from there.

(source: toptopia@tumblr)

[News/Photo] The car accident explained in graphics

According to police, around 1:30AM today, Daesung was crossing the Yanghwa Bridge in his car. The taxi in front of Daesung’s car was slowing down to make a left turn, but right then the driver spotted the motorcyclist passed out on the street. He made a quick lane change to avoid hitting the victim and stopped the vehicle to call the police. Another car apparently was running behind the taxi but it discovered the motorcyclist lying on the ground in advance to safely pass by without making any contact. Daesung, however, driving behind the second vehicle, was unable to see the motorcyclist and ended up hitting both the victim and the taxi.

Daesung told the police “I felt a bump in the car so I stepped on the brake, but the brake did not work.” However, the police said, “No skid marks were shown on the spot, so Daesung probably did not step on the brake.”

The issue at hand now is whether the victim was already dead prior to Daesung’s contact with him, or if his death came as a result of Daesung crashing into him. The police have questioned Daesung for five hours this morning and the damaged motorcycle is currently being examined by the National Forensic Service. The police are also looking at the possibility of a hit-and-run accident that could have occurred before the taxi spotted the motorcyclist as they are waiting for autopsy results.

Source: Chosun + Toptopia + Soompi

[PHOTOS] Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Website Ads!

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[News] Big Bang's future activities inevitably disrupted

After the fatal car accident involving Big Bang member Daesung, activities are expected to inevitably be disrupted for some time.

Agency YG Entertainment said, “After the accident and being investigated for 3-4 hours at the police station, (Daesung) has returned to the hostel to rest”, adding, “he is in shock and worrying greatly.”

According to YG, Daesung has no particular schedule for some time. The show that he is currently a regular on, SBS ‘Night After Night’, will not be recording this week, as explained by the agency. After the end of the 19-day concerts in Japan, Big Bang was on vacation until about next week.

However, the police investigation that is expected to take time looks to affect Big Bang’s future activities. In particular, in the case of if the death of the motorcyclist was caused by Daesung’s car accident, personal detainment may be inevitable.

The police are trying to find out the details of the first accident of the motorcyclist hit by Daesung’s car, and an autopsy has been scheduled to discover the cause of death.

Source: Herald Biz
Translated by: Sara @ bigbangupdates + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

[VIDEO] Video footage of Daesung’s car accident revealed!


Daesung was carrying a bible in his car because he is really faithful thanks to his father’s teachings. Yang Hyun Suk spoke about Daesung’s state again, “Daesung was in a big shock from this accident and he cried a lot. Apart from whether it was his fault or not, grieving for the death of the motorcycle driver is much harder for him. “

(source: daum tanslated: alee@ibigbang)

[News] Daesung Car Accident Being Investigated by National Forensic Service

Following his car accident earlier this morning, Daesung got investigated by the police for over five hours, getting released around 7AM, local media reported. According to police, Daesung was not driving under the influence. But the motorcyclist he crashed into has been pronounced dead immediately following the accident and police is investigating whether his death was caused by Daesung’s crash or not.

“The motorcyclist has been confirmed to be dead but we’ll have to do more investigation to find out if he was killed by Daesung’s car or by a prior accident,” the police said. “Daesung will have to prove the motorcyclist’s death was not caused by his crash in order to avoid any liability issues.”

For a more accurate investigation, the police are currently reviewing the CCTV screens while the damaged motorcycle and some footage of the accident have been sent to the National Forensic Service for closer examination.

In the meantime, YG Entertainment said in an official statement that “Daesung is currently in a heavy state of shock and grief over the accident he could’t avoid. He broke down in tears in concern over the victim… He will follow any police investigation but he is in great pain over this issue.”

According to police reports, around 1:30AM on May 31st, Daesung hit a motorcyclist lying on the ground from a previous accident at Yanghwa Bridge. In trying to avoid the accident, Daesung had to change lanes and crashed into a taxi from behind. The taxi driver however did not suffer any injuries.

The police is currently investigating whether a hit-and-run accident was involved prior to Daesung and the taxi hit the motorcyclist, and they are waiting for autopsy results of the victim as well.

Following today’s accident, it will be inevitable for Big Bang and Daesung to make changes to their promotional activities. Big Bang recently finished their Japanese Tour Concerts and is currently in a resting period. But a lot of their individual activities and new album production plans will have to be altered due to today’s accident. Daesung currently is a regular on SBS “Night After Night."

Source: soompi.com

[News] Daesung involved in a car accident (110531)

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Big Bang's Daesung has been reported to be involved in a serious car accident, with the other party involved being pronounced dead at the scene. It was reported that at 1:40AM in Seoul, Big Bang's Daesung hit a motorcyclist in his Audi. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Youngdong Police have announced that they are currently investigating the singer, as there are suspicions of Daesung being drunk at the time of the accident.

Source: SBS (Article already modified. See updates below.)

[News] Will G-Dragon pen a song for Taiwan’s Show Luo?

Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo (Luo Zhi Xiang/羅志祥/小豬) recently signed a two-year contract with Pony Canyon Japan, and was in Korea for a CF filming, where he met Big Bang’s G-Dragon by chance.

The two shared a brief conversation, where they learned that they had the same American dance teacher. Since Show is going to be kicking off his Japanese advancement in July, he asked G-Dragon if he could give him a song in order to pave a smoother path for his promotions.

It’s not known if G-Dragon confirmed or not, but the two promised to meet again sometime in the future for further discussions.

As always with tabloid news, there weren’t any quotes, but if there’s something to this article, then who’s looking forward to their collaboration?

Source: Showbiz China Times
Translation: Allkpop.com

[VIDEO] Daesung & Seungri on “Night After Night” Cut!

vid: happyrichlife0818@yt

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[VIDEO] BIGBANG’s Love Song & Tonight rank 6th and 15th in German Asia Music Chart for May

This german Asian Music Charts is voted by the users of the german community re[mark]ble.
It’s called “asian” because every month you can vote for all new korean, japanese, chinese songs, sometimes music from other countries and for the top 20 of the month before.

[VIDEO] TOP ranks 1st in JK Pop’s Sexy Male Idols in SK

Source: joselyn861015 @ YT (via BBUpdates)

[NEWS] Seungri “Yonghwa buys his members clothes but G-Dragon….”

During a recent recording of SBS’s “Night After Night,” Big Bang’s Seungri compared G-Dragon’s leadership to CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s, causing everyone on set to burst into laughter.

Seungri started, “Recently, Jung Yong Hwa and his bandmates were spotted at X Department Store.” He added, “I was curious to see how they shopped, so I followed them. The members were trying on various clothes one by one when I saw Jung Yong Hwa paying for them with his personal credit card.”

Once Jung Yong Hwa acknowledged the situation, Seungri amusingly responded, “GD, are you watching this? We’ve debuted six years ago, yet our leader has never bought clothes for his fellow members. I was touched to see how much Jung Yong Hwa cared for his bandmates.

This episode will be aired tonight, May 30th on SBS at 11:15PM KST. Guest stars for tonight’s episode include Seungri, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn, Kim Tae Woo, K. Will, Lizzy, Kwanghee, Go Young Wook, Kim Kyung Jin, and Jung Joo Ri.

(source: soompi tip: greentealatead)

[PHOTO] G-Dragon and Show Luo take a picture together!

Show Luo, an extremely famous Chinese actor, singer and dancer, recently went to Korea to shoot an advertisement, coincidentally, he met Bigbang’s G-Dragon. After that, they then realized that both of them have the same choreography teachers who’s from America ! He also seeks advice from G-Dragon on his development. Due to working schedule, Show luo had to leave and hopes that they will meet each other again in the future.

(source: Kwonliyan@twitter)

[TRANSLATED] G-Dragon writes a letter to TOP!


It’s quite awkward writing a letter to you like this, haha.
Our oldest brother and mood maker! Choi Seung Hyun!
There have been a lot of misunderstandings because of your dark eyebrows & appearance
When I see you having a hard time, as a friend, as a younger brother, as a leader..
It makes me think a lot and I worry a lot too.. Our older brother is tender too ㅠㅠ
You have a bright personality but you’re shy and sometimes you get mad.. I like bro ^^
But next year I hope you can become cool gentleman T.O.P who approaches people first ^^
Seung Hyun hyung (older brother) with cool voice and cool style! Forever village idiot hyung! haha
Let’s keep on making good memories together! ok? Merry Christmas & happy new year!

(source: mynameisgeorgie)

[NEWS] Anti-fans are afraid of TOP?

An online poll was recently conducted to determine which idols antis would be most afraid to run into. Over 1,000 netizens took part in the poll.

Coming in first place was SNSD’s Jessica. Nicknamed “Ice Princess”, netizens voted for her because “it seems like she would be the type to take revenge on others.” However, fans of SNSD defended her, saying she has a kind heart and would feel sad if hated by others.

Grabbing second and third place were 2AM’s Jokwon and SNSD’s Sooyoung. However, the reasons netizens gave were bizarre. Due to Jokwon’s image of being crazy on variety shows, netizens feel that he would go crazy and force them to say why they don’t like him. In regards to Sooyoung, netizens suggest that she would be the type to yell back at the antis, and possibly start kicking them with her long legs.

In fourth and fifth place are f(x)’s Victoria and Big Bang’s T.O.P. Netizens are afraid that Victoria would fight back in Chinese, which the antis would not understand. On the other hand, T.O.P. appears to be the type that would not care about antis; therefore, antis would feel a sense of failure for not receiving a response from him.

(source: koreaboo tip:greentealattead)

[PHOTOS] Seungri on the set of “Night After Night”!

[VIDEO] YG ON AIR ep. 5 english subbed!

Credit: YGSRASubs

(VIDEO) Big Bang in new Lotte Duty Free CF!

Credit: san19841110 + Soompi_BIGBANG

[PHOTO] Daesung A Shot A Day!

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[NEWS] Which Big Bang Member is on a Diet?

Q: Which Big Bang member is on a diet?

Taeyang: In most situations, we will think before we eat. But G-Dragon and Seungri are not the kind of people to be troubled by it. Because G-Dragon does not get fat no matter how much he eats And Seungri…..uh…he does not hold back on what he wants to eat!

TOP: Seungri will exercise very hard afterwards, but after an hour he will be lying somewhere on the floor eating biscuits >.<

Source: Baidu
Translation: Maggie @ibigbang

[Photos] Seungri attending a wedding party (110528)

Source:  ryonco @twitter via baidu

[Video] T.O.P. ranks 3rd in Best Red Carpet Dress on YStar

Source: ystarchannel1 @youtube via ibigbang

[News] BIGBANG2 ranks 5th in Countdown TV Monthly Album Ranking

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[Photo] T.O.P's Nikon A Shot A Day


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[Photo] Seungri's Me2Day Update (110528)

사랑해 …^^
Translation: I love you ... ^^

Source: meday.net/viofbb

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[VIDEOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW 2011 DVD Making English Subbed!

[VIDEO] YG ON AIR ep 5 Big Bang concert in Nagoya!

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[News] Kim Wansun wants a duet with T.O.P

Singer Kim Wansun stated, “I want to do a duet with Big Bang’s TOP.”

Kim Wansun recently finished recording for Park Kyungrim and Jung Wonyoung’s Mnet “M Soundplex.” The 200 audiences chose TOP as a male who will go well with Kim Wansun. The reason was that TOP’s low voice and his unique charisma will match well with Kim Wansun’s voice.

Kim Wansun furthermore stated that “TOP is really handsome” and that “BigBang had written a message on their new album,” and also that she is attracted [as a family] to Big Bang members. She dedicated a virtual message to YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, asking for “a stage for her and TOP someday.”

Airing on 28th at 12:00AM.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translations: toptopia

[Video] G-Dragon Nikon D5100 CF (110527)


[News] Big Show 2011 CD for Pre-Order at YGE Shop

Pre-order date is May 27th thru June 8th.

[TRANSLATED] G-Dragon’s JUNON Magazine Interview “We plan to work with new famous composers”

Q1: First half of 2011 is passing by fast. For GD, how were the days in the first half of 2011? And also please tell about BIGBANG’s activities.
“GD&TOP, V.I SOLO, BIGBANG COMEBACK, SPECIAL ALBUM, and also BIGBANG2 ALBUM, we showed our different colors with a lot of albums in a short time. I personally had tons of activities, my feeling is inexpressible.”

[TRANSLATION] Kim HyeJung’s interview “Working with G-Dragon and directing ‘Butterfly’ MV” FULL!

Kim Hye Jung (part I)
Director of ‘Butterfly’ music video from G-Dragon’s first full-length solo album
Producer of videos for ‘Gossip Man’ and ‘She’s Gone’ featured at G-Dragon’s Shine a Light concert
G-Dragon’s gallery planned an interview with director Kim Hye Jung for the publication of G-Book volume 2. Inverview questions were taken from gallery members for a period of about two weeks from April 20 to the beginning of May; after screening such interview topics in addition to survey questions regarding director Kim Hye Jung’s projects and videos, it has all been organized and produced into an interview book that was released on June 1, 2010. We thank director Kim Hye Jung, who not only graciously agreed to the interview, but also sent us honest and sincere responses to all of the questions.

[Subbed] TOP's win at Baeksang Awards (110526)

Source: ElectricLoveBB1 + theygcrew@yt

[Photos] Photos of Big Bang at the event of Dongook University (110525)

[PHOTO] Seungri’s academy me2day Update!

Seungri: At Daejun station, going to Seungri’s academy with my friends ^^ These friend’s dreams will soon be accomplished, shout hwaiting now, aza!! me2day (me2day.net/v-academy) twitter(@v_academy)

Tags: Shandong, Daejun City CEO, pretty and nice friends, good singing and good dancing from the friends

source: me2day.net/viofbb
translated: Sammi @ibigbang

[PHOTO] Seungri A Shot A Day!

Source: www.ashotaday.co.kr via bbvipz

[Photos] Taeyang's scans in Big Show 2011 Marking Photobook

[News] TOP Wins Best New Actor & Most Popular in BaekSang Arts Award

Actor Choi Seung Hyun (TOP) wins Best New Actor in the movie category at the BaekSang Arts Award.

Choi Seung Hyun won the award for Best New Actor for his role in the movie, 'Into the Fire' at the 47th BaekSang Arts Award held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul on May 26, 2011.

Choi Seung Hyun said, "I'm very thankful. The movie, 'Into the Fire' gave me a lot of chances so I'm very thankful. I also have to thank President Yang Hyun Suk, the director for 'Into the Fire', Kim Seung Woo, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won sunbae-nims, and to all the student soldier sunbaes who gave me endless advice. It made me work hard to not fall behind, and aspire myself to become a better actor.'

After winning Best Male Rookie in the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards last November, Choi Seung Hyun's challenging role as a student soldier in his first movie, 'Into the Fire' also earned him a second award tonight for Best New Actor. He also showed charisma acting in the hit TV series, 'Iris'. This confirms Choi Seung Hyun's number one popularity in both acting and singing.

[omitted unrelated bits]

News about winning Most Popular Award

After winning his second award of the night, Choi Seung Hyun said the following in his thank you speech, "I also want to thank my BIGBANG members, as well as all my friends in my fan club who give me enormous amounts of strength. This award is also dedicated to you. Thank you very much."

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201105262122471001
Chinese Translations by: 燕紙 @ BBCN
English Translations by: mystifize @ bigbangupdates

[Photos/Videos] T.O.P At 47th Baeksang Arts Awards

Updated: He won 2 awards tonight: Best New Actor and Most Popular!

[VIDEO] Cha Seung Won performing “Heartbreaker” during “Best Love” drama!

(source: melroses1212@yt)

[Video] G-Dragon Ranks #1 on MNET's Idol Fashionista Chart

Credits: imshinhdeplol@youtube

[Photos/Videos] Big Bang Performs at Dankook University (110525)

[Photos] Big Bang's Autograph For Smart Magazine Japan (110524)

Source:Smart Magazine