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[Photos] Taeyang spotted riding his Bean Pole bike outside

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon new pictures for G-Market!

[Video/News] TOP and Seungri was chosen as the one of "2% Imperfections"

Superstars also have 2% of imperfections?

#12: Seungri
BIGBANG's maknae has completed his solo activities well and has established an academy for vocal and dancing training. We can say that he's a successful singer and a good performer in the entertainment industry.

However, Seungri, who is full of confidence, is also in short of one thing -- the mystery of being a singer. He tends to expose his private life and that of his members so much. Because of this, he has become someone who people do not dare to share secrets with.

#1: T.O.P
T.O.P can be described as a 'homme fatale' at his age and ever since his debut, he has been receiving a lot of first class treatments. Because of this, the confidence he has might have placed him in unfavorable situations in front of his seniors.

His seniors have many reasons to dislike him -- especially when he had a chance to kiss Lee Hyori in front of the audience. Although it can be seen as only a polite gesture, wouldn't T.O.P be perfect if he tries to act more humbly and carefully to his seniors?

Source: Nate
Translated by: Rice @

[Photo] T.O.P spotted in Paju filming MV or CF

Source: @ssongssong0_0 via bestiz/utopia_871104

We will update when there are details available.

[Photos] More Photos of T.O.P for The North Face

[News] G-Dragon's fan base has gotten broader because of Park Myung Soo?

Comedian Park Myung Soo appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” on the 29th and claimed that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Video] Taeyang cut on 2NE1TV S3 (110830)

Credits: SJBBWonderful

[Photo] Seungri and G-Dragon working out at the gym (110830)

Updated from Trainer Hwang Ssabu:

[Photos] Seungri at school's studio

Original message승리의작업실견학. 자신의분야에서열심히하는모습을보니 참 다르게보이네요. 가수라는직업도참멋있는듯. 

Translation: With Seungri at a studio, he looks very different when he works on his work. A chic and professional singer~ .

Source: Actor_0205 @ twitter
Translated by: Rice 

[News] Kim Goo Ra sent a warning message to G-Dragon

The comedian Kim Goo Ra caught the attention of the audience by sending a warning message to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon. 

On the episode of MBC 'Quizzes to change the world' which was aired on 27th, Kim Goo Ra who has not appeared in a TV programme for a long time talked about the golden era of  Sung Dae Hyun. (a singer of the rave music group, R.ef which was active in 1990's)

Kim Goo Ra said, 'R.ef was really popular in those days.' However, Sung Dae Hyun responded, 'it is a shame that it was only true a long time ago. Kim Tae Won shii always said that we were as popular as today's G-Dragon.' 

Kim Good Ra continued,' there was a day that I thought I am more popular than Michael Jackson, G-Dragon should be aware of my popularity, too .' His sentence has attracted people's attention. 

Source: TV Daily 
Translated by: Rice

[News] GD&TOP And Seungri's Performance Schedule at 2011 Singapore F1

Source: Singapore Grand Prix

[Photo] Taeyang spotted at Shinsa-dong

Taeyang was spotted at Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu tonight.
Source: Bestiz via happyrichlifebb

[PHOTO] Taeyang goes out on his Beanpole bike!

source: dcbb

Monday, August 29, 2011

[Photos] G-D, T.O.P and Taeyang with Se7en & YG Dancers displayed at Yeolbong

[Photos] G-Dragon @ Cow Island (Udo) in Jeju

Displayed at a shop in Udo (Cow Island) in Jeju. No info though when GD went there or when these were taken:

via 메이리니@DCGD

[Photos] G-Dragon and Taeyang backstage @ Nolza Concert

Day 3 Update: G-Dragon performed with Team GG

[Wallpapers] Big Bang "Lotte Duty Free Japan" September Wallpapers

Download in other sizes here.

[Photo] Seungri playing a video game with his friends (110825)

위닝대결 팀전에서 우리는 꼴찌.. 그후나와승리는대화를하지않았다
Translation: “Winning battle. Our team is in the bottom…and then Seungri and I did not speak to each other afterwards.”

Credits: seungriCN, jwalkerVIP

[Photos] T.O.P & Lee Yeon Hee "The North Face" F/W 2011 Style Book The Making

[News] According to YG Entertainment, Daesung will not promote this year

After Daesung has been claimed ‘not guity’ verdict for his involvement in the vehicle accident that killed motorcyclist Hyun. With all eyes on Daesung, many fans began vocalizing their wish to see Daesung reunite with his groupmates for promotions. However, YG Entertainment has firmly stated that Daesung will not be returning to the fold for the rest of the year.

On August 29th, YG Entertainment stated, “Regardless of his ‘not guilty’ verdict, Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year. Instead, Daesung will continue to focus on going to church.” Daesung has been attending church regularly to focus on his religious life due to the severe distress and heartache he felt from the situation.

The verdict ends a case that’s been dominating headlines since late May. After careful review, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his Audi vehicle.

Prior to Daesung’s accident, the motorcyclist had already sustained severe spinal injuries from a collision with a streetlamp, and was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.186%. Therefore, the nine members of the citizens’ prosecution committee all voted to drop the prosecution against Daesung altogether.


[Photo] Taeyang and Minzy @ Nolza Concert (Official Pic)

source :

[News] Daesung's Case Dismissed, Ruled Not Guilty

It’s Official, Daesung is NOT GUILTY!

In celebratory news, Big Bang’s Daesung has received a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in his court case regarding his car accident on May 31st.

After reviewing the case, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist Hyun had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his vehicle. Also, they did not rule out the possibility that the motorcyclist, who was under the influence upon the time of his death, could’ve died from the initial collision with a streetlight.

Based on the above information, they rendered a verdict of ‘not guilty’ for the beleaguered Daesung.

Source: Star News via Naver

Translated by: AKP

[News] Park Myung Soo, "GD, let's perform again this winter"

G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo reunited as Team GG at 2NE1's concert where they performed, "Having An Affair", with Park Bom.

Wearing black and white costumes, they delivered an exciting performance for 4000 fans. Together with Park Bom, who was in a mini black dress, their performance hyped up the atmosphere at the concert.

Park Myung Soo said, "It has been awhile since I met GD and Park Bom again after our performance for IC. I'm very glad. G-Dragon and I haven't been in touch after the program but it would be good if I can keep the friendship with him. Thanks to G-Dragon again."

G-Dragon said, "I have been watching 2NE1 closely ever since we were young and I'm so glad to be invited to their concert. I am just so amazed by their stage that I forget that I have to come out and perform too."

Park Myung Soo added, "Now it's summer and when it's winter, I will ask G-Dragon and Bom to perform with me once again."

Source: Nate, translated by Rice @ bigbangupdates

From another article:

G-Dragon jokingly said, "Because Park Bom and I performed on Infinity Challenge, we've been watching the show ever since (recently). We are now known as "Inifinity Challenge fans". Park Myung Soo is a brave soldier/warrior but we have to support ourselves too. (He's saying that if you worked with Park Myung Soo, you will get popular.)

Source: Nate, bigbangfamily, translated by mystifize @ bigbangupdates

Thanks to BBUpdates!

[Photos] G-Dragon @ 2NE1's Nolza Concert - Day 3 (110828)

[News] Rookie boy group changes their name due to VIPs' opposition

The 5-member rookie group changed their group name to 'BOYZ' before their debut.

The members of the group are Enoch, Noah, Yudam, Junwon and Haru. Before they debut, they changed their name from 'VIP' to 'BOYZ'.

Their agency explained the group has changed the name to 'BOYZ' although it was originally named 'VIP'. It got the name because  the members are known by it on the internet. However, since it is the same as the name of the Big Bang's fans, they have faced  a lot of opposition from Big Bang's fan club. Therefore, they finally decided to change it to 'BOYZ'

Source:  Newsen
Translated by: Rice

(INFO) GD & TOP on Running Man false

Rough translation: It seems that there is a car advertising about GD&TOP guesting on our show at Changwon. We do not have any plans of that sort. Please be careful. We will respond strongly if it is an impersonation.
@tyhs609: Is it true Running Man will be filming at Changwon tomorrow?????!!
@Quanninomarley: No

Source : @PDjay/twitter + @1772742/twitter + @tyhs609/twitter + @Quanninomarley/twitter + shared by Soompi_BigBang

(VIDEO) Idol Chart Show- Pretty Face Singer #3 TOP

Source : bigbanghavenYT02 via cyworld

[VIDEO] G-Dragon and Park Myung Su performing “I Cheated” at 2NE1′s Concert!

source: bigbanghavenyt02@yt + whiteflufflykloud@yt

Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Photos] More G-Dragon @ Marc Jacobs Fashion Show (110825)

[Video] Weekly Idol Ranks Taeyang as #1 "Lord of the Dance"


(RUMOUR) GD & TOP to be a guest in Running Man

info : there still no conformation from YG or SBS. will be updated for more info*

Source: twitter via Bestiz + shared by bigbangupdates + Soompi_BigBang

[Video] Netizens on Seungri's old audition video, "Who are you?"

The episode of  Mnet  'Superstar K3' which was aired on 26th started with the story of  a judge, Kim Wan Sun. She told us about her judging experience in an audition programme, 'Battle Shinwa' in 2005.

She said, ' the nature of "Superstar K3' is as same as that of 'Battle Shinwa'. My friends, like G.NA, Brown Eyes Girls'Gain and Seungri of Big Bang all have participated in this programme before. '

Instead of sexy and attractive, G.NA had a different look in the past. On the other hand, Gain did not wear her trademark dark eyelines in the past either which enables us to feel her pure charm. Seungri was skinny and wearing a pair of glasses when he did the audition.

Kim Wan Sun recalled her stories with these 3 artists and said, 'I am thankful to them.' After seeing the old video clips of the artists, netizens commented, ' who are you?' , 'you look really different now.' 'you have changed a lot ever since the audition', etc.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Rice

[Videos] Taeyang at 2NE1′s Nolza Concert!

Friday, August 26, 2011

[News] See Big Bang in 3-D at SBS ‘K-POP Zone

SBS will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’ for fans to see the Hallyu stars in 3-D. They will also be able to play games related to the idols. The piece of news has drawn the interest of the overseas fans.

On the coming 31st, the SBS content , a part of the event of BROADCAST WORLDWIDE’  (organized by The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’. When the plan was revealed, attention from the showbiz industry has been attracted. 

In BCWW2011, there are as many as 231 exhibitions held by 50 participating countries, for example, Britain’s BBC Worldwide, China’s CCTV, America’s NBC Universal,etc. Therefore, it will be the largest one ever since BCWW has held.

In this exhibition, SBS designed to launch the ‘K-POP zone’ since Hallyu wave is sweeping all over the world nowadays.  

First of all, 3-D TV will be installed in the zone so the concerts of Big Bang, Beast ,CN Blue and the fanmeeting of Kara can be shown. Part of them will be shown in 3-D which can deliver a more realistic feeling. On the other hand, the posters and puzzles of other famous celebrities, like SNSD and Kara,etc will also be placed in this zone.

Moreover, the OST of ‘Protect the boss’(a drama) , ‘I’ll protect you’ sung by JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, 2NE1’s ‘Ugly’, ‘I am the best’ and Big Bang’s ‘Tonight’,etc will be used in the rhythm game ‘Crazy Lane’. While playing the game, you will be able to taste the experience of playing it with ‘Galaxy Tab’.

The representative of SBS said, ‘ by bringing the videos and music of the K-POP stars together, we hope that audience from different walks of life can be attracted. It is expected that overseas fans will be very interested in the popular drama, ‘Protect you boss’ and the upcoming dramas.’

BCWW2011 will be held from the coming 31st to 2nd of September at COEX and the ‘K-POP zone’ will also be available there. 

Source: TVdaily
Translated by: Rice

[News] The Place Where Big Bang members usually eat (Hallyu Food Guide)

As K-pop stars are very popular in Japan now, fans are curious where they eat and what their favorite restaurants are.

[PHOTO] Seungri and Taeyang riding their own Beanpole bikes!

Beanpole: As style mentor GD’s birthday present, Bean Pole prepares bicycles! The black one for GD and the rest color are for GD’s precious people~ Today SeungRi and TaeYang receive theirs! Wow ^^

source: @Beanpole trans: @vVIP_6819

[RUMORS] GD&TOP to release a new single on October 26th + TOP to feature on Gummy’s mini-album

October 26 GD&TOP will debut in Japan with a single CD in.

Limited Edition
Contents: CD + DVD + Photobook
Price: 2625 yen

Regular Edition
Contents: CD
Price: 1050 yen

For Gummy’s Japan Debut she will release a mini-album with 5 songs, one of them featuring T.O.P on October 16th.

Limited Edition
Contents: CD + DVD
Price: 2730 yen

Regular Edition
Contents: CD
Price: 1890 yen

source: vipsbigbang@ameba + ygbabys@ameba translated: sammi@ibigbang

[PHOTOS] Seungri playing with his friends

Source: 퓨어 @DCVI

(INFO) KMW Malaysia 2011 concert date announcement

GD TOP & VI are scheduled to perform at Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia on September 24th.

Source : @theDJYoung/twitter + shared by TeamBigBang

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Photo] G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P and Se7en @ Yeolbong

Credits: @MC_ruri

[Photos] Big Bang Japan Blog Update: Guitars used for "Tonight" performances at Love & Hope Tour

[News] G-Dragon and Seungri for Singles Magazine "Barefoot Campaign"

G-Dragon: Youthfulness is like a motorcycle!

Adults say that motorcycles are dangerous and tell us not to ride on them, but don’t the children ride on them anyway? They even pursue for speed. Youthfulness seems to be like that too. You’re at the age where you don’t want to do the things you are allowed to do and want to do things you’re not. When you’re over the speed limit, you might miss out. You won’t know the correct direction and will blindly move forward and there will be lots of twists and turns along the way.

The present me is like that and being a singer seems like I can’t be too sensible. I’m still worried though. I used to do things with no hesitation but nowadays, I need to consider all my options.

This seems to be the process of becoming an adult, but it shouldn’t be like that.

Seungri: I don’t like to lose. In fact I have a strong desire to win and that’s why my name is called “Seungri” (Victory).

If people tell me that I can’t do something, I will want to do it. If they say I still can’t do it, I will want to do it even more. If there’s absolutely nothing else I can do, then my tears will fall. I think that is youth.

Rather than the people who follow rules, the ones that exceed all expectations are those filled with youthfulness and energy. I hope that I can enjoy every moment and stay happy forever under any circumstances.

Translation from:

[Video/Photos] The North Face CF Song Full MV

The North Face CF Song is composed by G-Dragon & Kush.

Making Cut:

Credits: Gilbakk, Negimax8

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Photo] GD takes a Photo riding Bicycle from Beanpole

Message: 얼마전 빈폴 스타일멘토 GD에게 전달한 빈폴자전거 기억하시나요^^ 생일선물을 받고 기뻐하던 GD! 직접 자전거에 올라 멋진 인증샷을 찍어주었군요. 스타일리쉬한 일상, 빈폴자전거와 함께하길 바랄게요~ [JY]

Translation: BeanPole: Do you remember a while ago Bean Pole send a bike to Bean Pole’s style mentor^^ GD is pleased to receive the birthday gift! He then step onto the bike and let (us) to take a shot. I hope he’ll be stylish everyday with Bean Pole bike~[JY]

Source: @_BeanPole
Translated by @vVIP_6819

[Magazine] Taeyang on GQ Magazine (September Issue)

GQ Editor Jang Woo Chul caught Taeyang on the way out and asked him :

Q: What would you do if you’re cast for [the show] “I Am A Singer”?
A: I’m already a singer. Actually I’m into Cho Yongpil’s songs these days. I’ve not heard domestic music that much, so I never thought I’d like them. But while listening to Cho Yongpil’s songs and watching his performances, I found out what I had felt I’m lacking in. Instead of appearing, I’d like to make an effort to be a better singer. Just on the assumption that they ask me to appear.

(From GQ September 2011, “40 Questions for 40 People”)

(Credit when taking elsewhere!)
Scan from

[News] Korean Superstars GD&TOP and Seungri to perform at the 2011 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore, 24 August 2011 – Fans of K-pop have good reason to bring the house down this September at the 2011 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. For the first time ever, Singapore GP has added the dynamic trio of Korean pop stars GD&TOP AND SEUNGRI to a line-up of world-class acts at the only Formula One night race.

Better known as G-Dragon, T.O.P. and Seungri of the massively popular band BIGBANG, this powerhouse trio will drive fans wild with their polished dance moves and infectious tracks at the Padang main stage (Zone 4) on Friday, 23 September.

G-Dragon and T.O.P. (GD&TOP) debuted with the album GD & TOP in 2010 and released three singles 'High High', 'Oh Yeah' and 'Knock Out'. Their music is a brilliant hybrid of hiphop and rap, infused with electro, pop and acoustic elements. With their edgy persona and a series of chart-topping successes, GD&TOP has quickly earned a reputation as the "ones to watch" in the Korean music industry.

Joining his BIGBANG mates is the multi-talented Seungri, a hip-hop performer, actor, record producer and songwriter who released his solo mini-album VVIP in 2011. While the album's groovy tracks like 'VVIP' and 'What Can I Do' showcase Seungri's vocal prowess, the music videos effectively demonstrate his magic on the dance floor.

To start your party on a high note, don't miss this one night only live performance by GD&TOP AND SEUNGRI on Friday. With just one ticket, fans can enjoy all-day entertainment and hours of race action at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

A Friday Single-Day Walkabout ticket priced at S$38, gives fans access to three entertainment stages in Zone 4 as well as plenty of bleachers offering vantage views of the Formula One track action. To get the most out of the race weekend, Three-Day Grandstand tickets priced from S$298 are also available.

For the latest entertainment updates and performance schedule, visit closer to the race. Tickets are available for sale online (, via the ticketing hotline +65 6738 6738 as well as at all SISTIC outlets.


[Video] G-Dragon @ Marc Jacobs Fashion Show on TV Daily

Credit: BigBangHavenYT02

[Photos] G-Dragon @ Marc Jacobs Fashion Show (110825)

[News] Seungri present at the musical, "Street Life"

Big Bang’s member, SeungRi, ‘observing’ the musical “Street Life” which drew fan’s curiosity.

At August 19 around noon, SeungRi was watching “Street Life” musical at CGV Pop Art Hall in Yeongdeungpo. He kept himself seated and watching the performance through the whole musical, and in the end, before anyone else, he rose and applauding greatly and cheers a lot. The satisfactions of the works were also revealed (exposed).

That day, SeungRi has a tour through the musical theater because of Jeong WonYoung and some of his friends. In 2008, in the musical “Sonagi” where SeungRi have starred, SeungRi obtained Hyung-Dongsaeng relationship with Jeong WonYoung and other friends (I found out that Jeong WonYoung, in google it’s ‘Jang Won Young’, is a band).

After watching the performance, he personally find the waiting room. He told them, “What a really great show”, “It’s a very good musical”.

The news that SeungRi was watching a musical rises the fans’ expectations such as, “If SeungRi will in the musical once again, I’ll definitely watch it”, “I just want to see SeungRi on the stage of musical again”.

(parts omitted)

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translation: @vVIP_681