Thursday, March 29, 2012

[News] More Strong Heart Articles

T.O.P tried to run off set during recent shoot for ‘Strong Heart

Singer Gummy began telling a story about how she became intoxicated with alcohol and began singing Shim Soo Bong‘s “I Know Nothing But Love“, when all of a sudden Big Bang’s T.O.P tried to cut across the set unnoticed. But the camera caught him, and the sound that the heels of his shoes made against the studio floor were hard to ignore, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him.

Lee Seung Gi grabbed T.O.P who was leaving the set and asked where he was going. Embarrassed, T.O.P turned red and admitted that he wanted to use the restroom. “Gummy noona was talking, so I was going to secretly sneak out of here,” he confessed, causing everyone on set to laugh.

MC Lee Seung Gi then hilariously remarked that T.O.P looked like a dinosaur walking off set and mimicked him, causing the guests and audience members to continue howling with laughter.

Source: IlganSports,

YG’s representative gives out different gifts to 2NE1 and Big Bang?

President Yang Hyun Seok of 2NE1 and Big Bang’s agency is creating a stir by giving out different gift sets for the national holiday.

That day, 2NE1’s leader CL revealed, “Yang Hyun Suk gives out gifts to YG families on national holidays. He usually gives out gifts like dried persimmon but we received a bag of pine nuts this time.”

Other members who were listening to her said, “We received something else.” Tablo also added, “I think we received different gifts because it was the first national holiday since we became a YG family.”

Big Bang’s Seungri began talking and said that he received a gift card. Daesung, who was next to him made a joke and said, “Actually that was a gift card for a bag of pine nuts.”

Not only that, Seungri gave a good laugh by revealing that he was scolded by Yang not for the mistakes he made, but for the mistakes he will be making in the future.


Minji and Daesung, Look-A-Likes

SBS' "Strong Heart" gathered attention with the comment that Big Bang's Daesung and 2NE1's Minji look exactly the same.

Daesung's partner Minji said "Honestly Se7en is my ideal type, so I'm unhappy with this pairing," causing laughter in the studio.

MC Lee Seunggi then said "Is Daesung far from your ideal type?" to which Minji answered "Yes."

Daesung was playful and kept saying he thought it was a decalcomanie (kind of art with mirror images) special, bragging that he looks like Minji.

Source: Nate
Translated by @kristinekwak
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