Friday, March 16, 2012

[Photo] Big Bang's Message for M! Countdown Comeback Special (120315)

"20120315오늘 엠카운트다운을 통해 파격 컴백무대를 펼칠 빅뱅이 전하는 손글씨 메시지!!<오늘 빅뱅은 [ ]다!!> 그들의 메시지가 실현되는 시간 오늘 저녁6시 생방송Mcountdown!!"

"The handwritten message of Big Bang who is in charge to carry out exceptional comeback stage through MCountdown today!! Their messages are realizing the time, today at 6PM MCountdown broadcast!!"

In the pictures:
Today, Big Bang is Alive! -GD
Today, Big Bang has been waiting for a year! -TOP
Today, Big Bang is squirrel (?) -Seungri
Today, Big Bang is tired -Taeyang
Today, Big Bang is happy -Daesung

"20120315엠카운트다운이 준비한 특별한 선물!빅뱅의 스페셜스테이지 '재미없어' 가 Mcountdown에서 최초공개됩니다 오늘 저녁6시 본방사수!! 뽀~너스 사진은 지디가 직접 쓴 손글씨라죠~^^"

"M!Countdown has prepared a special gift! Big Bang’s special stage “Ain’t No Fun” will be on stage for the first time on M!Countdown today at 18:00! Bo~nus picture, GD’s handwriting~^^"

In the picture:
“Ain’t No Fun” is a [bonus]!

Source: @MnetMcountdown
Translation: V@bigbangforlife & @vVIP_6819
via BBU

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