Friday, April 27, 2012

[News] Big Bang-2NE1 music videos break 500 million views

As hallyu idols are overwhelmingly entering the foreign markets YG artists are showing off their overwhelming power worldwide through the music video market.

Big Bang has received a total of over 50 million views through music video of ‘Blue,’ ‘Fantastic Baby,’ ‘Bad Boy’ in their 5th mini-album. According to YouTube the record received until April 25 for ‘Blue’ is 19,280,000 views, ‘Fantastic Baby’ received about 17,800,000 views, and ‘Bad Boy’ received about 11,850,000 views. Considering that these music videos have only been released two months ago the number are quite astonishing. Also the first music video of the title song ‘Blue’ broke through 10 million views within 10 days of its release.

2NE1 along with Big Bang is recording massive views of 40,350,000 through one music video ‘I Am The Best’ released last year. The video has continuously been receiving one million views a day shortly after its release predicting its sensation. ‘I Am The Best’ was awarded second place for Most Viewed Music Video and Top Favorited Video of the year in 2011 according to worldwide views. And recorded a total of over 1.6 million views in over two days also was placed in the top 10 most viewed in France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Taiwan and Mexico revealing their worldwide influence.

The information that was gathered at the time of Big Bang-2NE1 alone of various videos showed that total YouTube views have already broke through 500million. The total YouTube views last May recorded a total of 430 million views and if we included Big Bang’s 5th mini-album and 2NE1’s ‘Lonely,’ ‘I Am The Best’ then the total number of views will already swept beyond 500 million views.

Just as YouTube video site view proves their rising popularity beyond Korea reaching all over the world. Such result is possible through Big Bang and 2NE1’s musicianship that is acclaimed to be beyond idol’s limit and the fact that their music and performance videos have been recognized as worth noting by the worldwide music fans. The fact that YG’s music genre based off of hip hop is noted to be closest to the global trend has also played a large benefit as well.

Source: Osen
Translated by: Kpopstarz

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