Friday, June 8, 2012

[News] Big Bang's 'Alive' and Well on Billboard's Social 50 Chart

K-Pop act Big Bang shook things up online this week and rocketed its way up the Billboard Social 50 chart, rising 36-12 after ending the charting week with a YouTube video release of its newest single, "Monster."

The Social 50 chart ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, using a formula that blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

The new single, "Monster," is from the South Korean group's newest release, "Still Alive - Special Edition," which was released last week and debuts at No. 3 on World Albums.

The album is a (quick) follow-up to Big Bang's Feb. 19 release, "Still Alive," and features both new tracks and special versions of the hits from the original such as "Blue," "Fantastic Baby" and "Bad Boy." On March 9, Big Bang dominated Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 chart, capturing five of the top 10 spots on the tally with singles from "Still Alive."

To obtain the massive 24-spot jump on the chart and nearly break the Top 10, Big Bang released a series of teaser clips for the "Monster" video before it dropped June 2, including a video of the Japanese version of "Fantastic Baby." These six video releases leading up to the actual release of "Monster" each gained between 500,000 and 2 million views apiece in the span of a week. That grand total of 10.3 million views allowed Big Bang to experience a 43% increase in fan acquisition during the charting week.

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