Sunday, June 10, 2012

[News] Big Bang’s latest hit poses a question, “Is TV promotion really necessary?”

Group Big Bang has dominated online, album, and music video market without any TV promotions, adding some momentum to the question that has surfaced the first half of the year on whether TV promotions are necessary for success.

Back in April, Busker Busker had a mega hit without any appearances on the network music programs and IU has also had success on the online charts in May with her ‘End of the Day’ off her fan service CD single ‘Spring of a Twenty Year Old’, thus as a result, the relationship between TV promotions and hit songs started to shift. Now Big Bang has garnered much attention not only in Korea but worldwide without any TV appearances at all, adding momentum to the theory that after all, TV promotion may not be a must as it has been in the past.

Big Bang’s new song ‘Monster’ is still topping the main online charts such as Melon as of June 9th. It has been a week since the song was released on June 3rd but it is showing much staying power.

The album and music video are doing well also. According to Hanteo Chart, Big Bang released ‘STILL ALIVE’ on June 5th and sold 15,000 in just a day. The music video that was revealed 3 days prior to that truly broke the records with 2.5 million views in just 24 hours. Without any TV appearances, Big Bang truly had a huge hit on their hands. Even without a comeback stage, the comments keep pouring in from all over the world in English.

If the popularity of the songs continues without any comeback stages or any variety appearances, the expectations are that the shape and form of promotions may change quite a bit in the future.

Many explain that this is possible when you are at the level that Big Bang is. A CEO of a mid-size management company commented, “When you are at a level that Big Bang is, the public seeks them out so the TV promotions don’t appear a must. I think it’s a state that all the artists want to achieve. But for most artists, there are not many methods of promotions other than increasing exposure to step closer to the fans first.”

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