Monday, June 4, 2012

[News] Big Bang's Monster MV Has Over 3 Million YouTube Views in 1 Day

Within a day of releasing the music video to their new song Monster, Big Bang had over 3 million views on Youtube. This is the most views a K-Pop artist received in record time, and by 7 a.m. of June 4th (KST), there were already 3,013,554 views.

Individual member teasers building up to the release of the music video also received much attention, with a total of 5.9 million views; T.O.P’s teaser had the most views at two million, followed by G-Dragon at 1.6 million, Taeyang at 940K, Seungri at 880K, and Daesung at 480K.

The quality of the video itself also surpasses those of others in the country at the moment, featuring a blockbuster like quality. The “Monster” music video shows each member interpreting the “monster” character in their own way, highlighting their different personalities and styles. This video affirms Big Bang’s status as stylish trendsetters. Post-production alone took around a month, and the video is of such high caliber it almost transcends beyond the music video category and into the movie realm. “Monster” absorbs you much beyond its humble five minute running time.

The song is causing a sensation on music charts as well. Music from Big Bang’s special edition album, Still Alive, took all top five spots on the charts, even without any special promotional activity from Big Bang. This is getting people to understand the popularity of Big Bang and their prominence in the music industry.

In the meantime, the boys of Big Bang are busy performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in Japan for the Japanese stop of their Alive World Tour. Their “Still Alive” special addition album, produced in collaboration with Hyundai Card, goes on sale nationwide on June 6.

Source: Soompi

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