Monday, June 18, 2012

[News] Scalpers selling Big Bang concert tickets in Japan arrested

The Japanese police have reported that two people have been arrested for scalping tickets to Big Bang‘s concert for as much as $900 USD.

On June 18th, the Japanese press released an article stating that two men from Saitama were arrested and under investigation for trying to scalp tickets to Big Bang’s concert. According to investigations, the two had approached undercover investigators by revealing that they had tickets to the concert and were willing to sell them for 70,000 YEN when the original price is only 9,500 YEN.

Tickets to Big Bang’s concert tour have been selling out left and right, with over 250,000 already sold out for their Japanese spots. In Indonesia, over 20,000 seats had been sold out shortly after going on sale, so the high demand is understandable.

Source: Naver,

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