Monday, June 25, 2012

[News] Updates on T.O.P's movie, Alumnus

Famous child actress, Kim Yoojung, and upcoming actress, Han Yaeri, confirmed to play the roles of TOP’s younger sister and girlfriend/love in his new movie “ALUMNI”.

- Kim Yoojung is one of the most popular child actresses known in South Korea today for her appearances in several hit movies and dramas. She is known to be a huge fan of Big Bang and TOP. She has attended Big Show every year so far and has stated several times before that she would like to act with TOP. Han Yaeri is a rookie actress who starred in the recent hit movie “Korea” with Ha Jiwon and is a rising star in the Korean media today.

- TOP’s younger sister role was originally supposed to be played by another child actress, Kim Hyunsoo, but the casting was changed to Kim Yoojung at the last minute.

- Child actor, Kang Bit, confirmed to play TOP’s child role as “Myunghoon”.

Sources: Osen/Naver, idharu1@naver