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[Translation] Big Bang's Interview on June Issue of Oricon

Q: Your new album ‘Alive’ has received good comments, it is said that G-Dragon has participated in melody and lyrics writing of all the songs?

GD: Yes, I am so glad that I have participated in this album from the perspective of producer; however, objectively speaking,I want to show you our new sides…I was very troubled to think of it when it came to this part. I want to show you the message that ‘Big Bang is still alive; and convey you the ‘pains’ and ‘internal struggles’ that we have been going through this year so we have created ‘Blue’.

Q: Based on this idea, you have created ‘BLUE’ and it reminds us that Big Bang is back and it seemed to have suddenly shortened the period that you have not been doing any promotion. It is really meaningful and has become one of the classics songs of Big Bang.
GD: This is the effect that I want to achieve (laugh), ‘Winter is nearly over and we are going to enter Spring’. Although it describes the bitter love that one has to experience in their romantic relationship and it can be interpreted as the description of the situation of Big Bang too. We want to convey our feelings to the fans who have been supporting us for a long time and at the same time, we want to convey the feeling of ‘hope’ to you, too.

Q: Reading the lyrics written by G-Dragon, we can feel the ‘pain’ and ‘internal struggles’ that you have just said, they are the gentle feelings that only men can express.
GD: No matter they are romantic songs or songs I want to express other feelings, I will not add any fake feelings to them. I think that if we put into our true feelings in the songs, not only can we convey our feelings to others but we can also shorten the distance between us and others. In this way, we can ‘echo’ with each other.

Q: Perhaps because the five members of BigBang has different extraordinary talents and charms so the first-time listeners might not be used to it and therefore they feel distant from them. But here is where the magic of Big Bang lies!When you are listening to them as a whole , then you will feel enchanted. Moreoever, talking about Big Bang, we noticed that there is a sharp contrast between the low vocal range of GD and the top range of TOP’s range, did you deliberately make the difference?
TOP: The characteristics of composing songs is we have to emphasize the features of the voices so our songs will not be monotones and the most important is I have good collaboration with G-dragon.

Q: So, please talk about the favourite tracks of the album.
VI: I still love ‘Blue’. Although it is a sad song but I still love the plain and calm feeling that it conveys to us. Why I say so? Because of my part (laugh). “The winter is passing and Spring is coming” (suddenly he bursted out singing). It is just like what the lyrics has been written, we had been experiencing so much hardships last year, it was really a period of hard time. I was hoping that it would be better if Winter could be ended at this very moment and the warm Spring could be started. I recorded this song when I was feeling this way.

Q: You can handle ‘Blue’ only after you have overcome so many difficulties.
VI: I think many fans were worried about BigBang and they must have felt as painful as us and had the same sad memory as we did too. Because of this, if we can warm your hearts by this song, turning your cold heart to warm just like how Spring can warm up the coldness, it is fine.
GD: I have really deep impression about ‘Fantastic Baby’ because originally I was good at writing poetic lyrics and match it with romatic melody. However, when I was producing this kind of dance song, I had to put in my emotion, too. It is really difficult for me. After 2-3 months of making this song, I had to make ‘Blue’, it was really hard for me to change the mood so suddenly.To transit from the dancing mode of ‘Fantastic Baby’ to ‘Blue’, I had watched a lot of sad movies and listened to sad songs. In order to make this song, I had to make myself sad in the reality and forgot myself when I was singing the song.
SOL: I love ‘Bad Boy’ most. Because I personally love Hip Hop. This song is not only a hip hop song but the melody is also good too.
TOP: I like ‘Feeling’ most. This song is limited to be promoted in Japan because it was collaborated with BOYS NOIZE(German, The World Top DJ and producer),the rap is perfectly matched with the melody, too.

Q: In the lyrics of ‘Fantastic Baby’, there is a line,’I am perfect and if you want to grab my weaknesses, It is still 100 years later’. What weaknesses do you think you have?
VI: I have really serious dark circles; however, because it is something that I cannot change so I will emphasize my other charming points.
Dlite: My weakness is I am always worried about others. 
SOL: I have too many… (shortcomings)…all are weaknesses.
TOP: Sometimes I think that I don’t have anyone rely on,especially before i need to work,I will be very sensitive and I will be very emotional,too. And sometimes I do give up because of this. 

Q: Really? I think that you are someone that will not give up what you want to do easily. To be frank,Ii am a bit surprised.
TOP: My weakness is if I give up once, I will not try the second time.
GD: For me… (a period of silence). 

Q: ~eH~ So GD has no weaknesses at all?
GD: Totally not (laugh). I am oversensitive some times too.

Q: So that means you have rich emotions!
GD: If they are used properly, it is good but I don’t quite like it. Since I am like TOP, my emotions are not very stable. There is great difference when I have good mood and bad mood.

Q: On the stage, G-Dragon gives us a very strong masculine feeling.
GD: I am not strong at all, I am always emotional. I think I am a fragile person.

Q: Dunno why this time we can unveil some sides of you which have not been discovered before.
GD: The process of changing of my mood…you can also find that in the album.

Q: Talking about Big Bang, their styles are really attractive. Please talk about your own styles and the theme of Spring.
TOP: Recently, I like colorful vintage style.
SOL: What I like is hip hop style and I have collected a lot baseball caps and bandanna. I love bandannas on which different patterns are printed on and the traditional ones. Even when you are wearing clothes, if you wear one, then your style will be eye catching,too. I recommend it. 
Dlite: In Spring, I love knitted clothes because no matter the ones who are wearing it or those who are watching, they will feel warm. My hair has been dyed gold, it is really an outstanding image. 

Q: The big change has left us a really deep impression.
DLITE: Because I have undergone a lot of things and my feelings are still not so good so I turned my hair color brighter.

Q: It is especially true for G-Dragon, everytime when you release new songs, you will have a completely new style. (hair and clothing)
GD: I like to arouse the curiosity of people very much. For example the seaweed hair style in Bad Boy and the short hair in Blue. Changing new styles do not only enables us to enjoy it but also we can let our fans to have their imagination runs wild.

Q: You even think like this!
GD: There are so many people who imitates our styles. It has been our interest in watching how the fans imitate our styles. When we came to have eye contact with the fans, we discover that there are XX styles everywhere, it is really cute. Please also think from our side sometimes. (when we are doing live)

Q: It is really interesting. Thinking from the perspective of Big Bang, there are so many girls imitating Big Bang, too!
TOP: Those who imitate my styles are my women.
VI: My brides. 

Q: How about male fans?
TOP: My women (laugh) Or put it in this way, there are all walks of people who are my fans, I love you all the same.
VI: It is real. TOP hyung is really popular among men and women all said, ‘ah, so handsome!’ He is really popular among people. 
TOP: But I am greedy… (laugh) 

Q: By the way, what is the theme of G-Dragon’s recent style?
GD: There are no particular styles. As an actor, I want to try the styles which can arouse the curiosity of the public.

Q: How about VI?
VI: I have been carrying a young style of the maknae (laugh)… Recently I want to give you a mature masculine feeling. I have cut my hair short…and my earrings… this is painful… (laugh)

Q: In order to become a man, you have to endure the pain.
VI: Instead of being a man, I change to this style because of this album and because I want to show you my determination, I endure the pain.

Q: Not only in this album,we can feel the passion of the fans and their unusual love towards Big Bang.
GD: ‘Big Show’ was produced by ourselves but ‘Alive Tour’ is collaborated between Big Bang and Laurieann Gibson (The creative executive of Lady Gaga’s concert), we want to produce concerts which integrate both oriental and western elements in them. We do not only want to produce a stage that fans would enjoy but we also want to produce a stage which we have distinctive edge. Because there is an improvement in the music quality and the stage, please anticipate it.

Q: Are there any special content that only Japanese concerts have but other concerts don’t?
VI: We still have been discussing it.
SOL: Of course we will sing Japanese songs in Japanese and there are not much changes in the contents. Because we have been preparing for our world tour until now so Japanese fans have to consider the overall situation and enjoy every moment. 
VI: I think it is of course important to show Japanese fans charming stage but they also want to see our sides as an ordinary person. Therefore, I want to tell them some jokes in order to make them happy and at the same time, they can accept the friendly side of Big Bang,too.

Q: This is the mission of VI?
VI: Because I am the maknae.

Q: You have been working hard on Japanese and learn Japanese gags because of this?
VI: I have not been doing some very profound things, I only want more people can know Big Bang and make them fall for Big Bang. I am only doing this because I think it is the most suitable thing that I need to do.
SOL: VI really has been working really hard!
VI: No no, I have not (smiling very brightly). This compliment can be applied to other members, too because everyone has been working hard on Japanese, too. I think in the concerts we are going to have in May, everyone of us is going to be able to speak fluent Japanese. (laugh)
TOP: I will work hard.

Q: On the stage, from the positive side, TOP has a sense of existence that others cannot be compared to.
TOP: (laugh very brightly) Thank you but I have not carried out my performance after deep laid consideration, I just devoted myself to the stage. I only show you my real feeling and emotion. But I will think about how to be fashionable repeatedly.
VI: Every member of Big Bang loves Big Bang and we are willing to sacrify our sleeping time for the team.
GD: Especially in this year, the love among the members and between Big Bang and the fans have also been deepened.
DLITE: We really anticipate Japan Alive concerts since it seems to going to be a very enjoying and interesting stage.
VI: In these concerts,the band is of our age so it will be very exciting. I think our collaboration will be better than our imagination. This will not be a feast for the ears but the audience can enjoy visual entertainment. Therefore, I hope more of you can come!
TOP: I love you! I want to see you! See you in the concerts!
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Translation: Jenny@baidu & @Ricekwon

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