Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Twitter] Spur Magazine: Big Bang Photo Shoot Stories

BIGBANG is featured in the August issue of Spur Magazine (Japan) and the staff shared some tidbits from their photo shoot and interview via Twitter before the magazine's release:

▶ Just now, we finished doing the draft for BIGBANG's special edition. An autographed Polaroid photo is included as a gift! During the Polaroid shoot, G-DRAGON's facial expression changed from cool to more relax and kind, which was really memorable. Please check SPUR August issue!

▶ Late last night, we finished proofreading the BIGBANG special edition~!! We talked about fashion excitedly with all the fashionistas. Each member's character really came out through this fancy interview. It's a must read!

▶ During D-LITE's photo shoot session, he suddenly made this beautiful howling(!?) sound. Then, SOL, who was in the make-up room, responded to the howl. We were so moved by the harmony of their beautiful voices.

▶ The editorial staff prepared manju (steamed bun) and donuts for the the photo shoot. During the interview, TOP ate a small bite of manju and suddenly made this really strange face. He opened his eyes widely and his face changed into this kind of expression:「??」. He quickly pulled himself away and finished eating the whole manju. We think it was his first time to taste one.

After the interview ended, we offered him a donut. He hesitated at first and answered, "I'm on a diet." But when he was about to leave, he took another manju and went out with a mischievous smile on his face. That was awesome!

(A fan asked what brand of steamed buns they served and Spur said they bought buns and donuts from Coco Donut in Aoyama.)

▶ One of the editors who's familiar with KPOP commented, "GD's sexy aura can be felt tremendously within a 5-meter radius. The staff including me couldn't go near him!"

▶ The photo shoot was done last. Everyone looked a bit tired. While waiting for his turn, V.I. was seen leaning on the studio sofa sleeping. One of BIGBANG's staff then changed the studio's background music to a hip-hop song.

And then...!! Once the music changed too hip-hop, TOP who was in laid back mode, started to make a step (dance?) towards D-LITE. Both of them switched to full energy mode while messing around with each other after. Both are really in good terms. Oh, VI was still sleeping.

▶ Normally during a photo shoot, after each cut, people will check the monitor screen, but GD-san didn't do that at all. He really had a great aura during the shoot and did not check even after it was done.

▶ During the part where we asked about their favorite perfumes, D-LITE drew this picture while describing his favorite:

Translations by MIMI (marthapido@twitter) - Thank you!!

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