Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Me2Day/Subbed] Seungri: "Bad Boy Dance" (120320)

Seungri's Me2Day Update: 승리 아카데미 댄스 강좌 제 2탄! 오늘은 BAD BOY의 숭구리당당댄스으으~ 이렇게 배우니 참 쉽죠?
Tags: 오늘 저녁 여섯시 네이버 YG ON AIR에서 BAD BOY의 풀퍼포먼스를 만나-주떼유우!

Translation: Seungri Academy Dance Lesson #2! Today is Bad Boy's SeungooriDangDang dance~ Its easy to learn this way, right?
Tags: Tonight pwease come watch at 6pm Naver YG ON AIR's full performance of Bad Boy!

Translations from @kristinekwak

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