Thursday, March 29, 2012

[News] "K-Pop Star" finalist Lee Ha Yi's ideal type is T.O.P

Through a recent interview with SBS, ‘K-Pop Star‘ finalist, Lee Ha Yi, shared her childhood stories as well as revealing her ideal type to be none other than Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

“I really like T.O.P’s deep voice and his sharp eyes, and his Jack Sparrow like image. Plus, I like guys that are somewhat built, but what’s important is having a deep voice,” she explained.

The interviewer then questioned the singer how she started getting into music to which she replied, “I’ve always wanted to do music ever since I was little. When I was in 1st year elementary school, I told my parents that I wanted to pursue music, so my mom signed me up for vocal training. I went there and sang about 1 or 2 children songs.”

She continued, “After the teacher at the vocal training school heard me singing, she said that my voice was too husky and told me that I should just give up on singing. She also told my mom that I’m not suitable for classical music.”

“When I was little, my voice was much more huskier than it is now, but it has gotten better. There used to be a lot of singing competitions where I lived. The 1st place prize was 100,000 Won (approximately $88 USD), so I participated with my sister and always ended up winning.”

Lee Ha Yi then shared how her teachers continued to oppose in her singing career. “When I was in 2nd year of elementary school, I also won an award at a children’s song competition. Even though I won many awards, the teachers there would always tell me, ‘I don’t think this is the right path for Ha Yi. She’s singing a children’s song with a very husky voice.’”

Lee Ha Yi has definitely proved her teachers wrong through ‘K-Pop Star’.

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