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[Video] Big Bang's Interview @ Yamaha Concert in Thailand + Translation


MC: Please greet the fans.
Taeyang: What’s up Thailand! Sawasdee krab (Hello), I’m Taeyang.
Seungri: Hi, I’m Seungri.
Daesung: Thank you. I’m Daesung. I love Thai fans very much.
G-Dragon: Hi, I’m G-Dragon.
T.O.P: Hi, it’s T.O.P. Thai fans are so thep
(Thai slang “thep” means “great, daebak, sugoii”)
Seungri: Hew maka mak (in Thai means “I’m extremely starving”)

MC: It’s been so long since you last met with the Thai fans,h ow was it?
TY: I feel like we haven’t been to Thailand for a long time. Sorry for coming here late. I miss all of you guys and that’s why we came here. Thank you for many people showing up here.

MC: How do you feel about the endorsement?
GD: We’re so glad to be selected as Yamaha’s presenter. It’s a big brand and Yamaha TTX and BIGBANG is the best match. So, please look forward to the CM and support us.

MC: What’s the feeling when you first saw Yamaha TTX?

DS: When I first saw it at the shooting set in Korea, I was so surprised. It’s beautiful, modern and I want to ride it so much.

MC: How was the CM shooting in Korea then?
DS: The shooting was so much fun. Thai staff also came to Korea and they’re so nice taking care of us all the time. The concept is very similar to BIGBANG. Both are trendy and exciting which is right match to Yamaha’s motorcycles.

MC: Where do BIGBANG members want to take the fans for a ride?
T.O.P: I want to take them to Thailand.

MC: Besides being Yamaha’s endorsers, you also released “ALIVE”. We’d like to know how hard was it to produce and what is the concept about?

GD: While we were producing this album, a lot of things happened. At that time, we felt a little awkward, but this is the music for V.I.P. They have been giving us goodwill and we’re so dedicated to do it. When we released the album, we grew up both musically and mentally. I want everybody to listen to it a lot.

MC: What is the inspiration about the style and concept, like the hairdos and costumes?
SR: I want to tell you that it’s for TTX. (GD laughed) (TTX stands for “Technology, Trendy, X-Citing“)
GD: While we were preparing for “ALIVE”, we all wanted to have the dopest look that everyone will like. We were really into the concept like the hair styles and costumes. In this album, there’s a song called “Fantastic Baby” and we want all of you guys to be the Fantastic Baby.

MC: How do feel about changing into this look?
T.O.P: This hair color is mint. I wanted to dye it this way since we were working on “Fantastic Baby” and when I had it done, many people said that it was cool. I think this hairdo really matches Yamaha TTX.

MC: I heard that BLUE MV is a YouTube smash hit with millions views. How do you feel about that?
TY: I’m so glad because we were off the road for a while, but the fans gave a great feedback and like our music. I want all of you to support our music on and on.

MC: Can each member tell us which song in this album that you like the most and why?

TY: I like every song in ALIVE especially “BAD BOY”
SR: I like the cheerful kind of song. I pick Fantastic Baby. Wow Fantastic Baby “soodyod” (Thai slang means “the best, cool, highest”)
SR: Fantastic.
Fans: Soodyod.
DS: I like BLUE.
GD: I like Daesung’s solo (Wings)
DS: Soodyod Soodyod
T.O.P: My friends have chosen all the hits and I don’t know what else is left for me to choose. So, I like every song in ALIVE.

MC: Will the fans have a chance for ALIVE TOUR 2012 in Thailand?

TY: We haven’t come up with any tour stops yet. But we will come to every single country that has VIPs who love us. Saying, if everyone waits for us and likes our music for a long period of time, then we’ll come to Thailand. We also want to do ALIVE TOUR 2012 in Thailand. I LOVE YOU THAILAND! (in English)
SR: We promise you we’ll be here in Thailand (in English and raise his thumb up to the crowd)

MC: Can you speak Thai just a little bit?

TY: Pom rak chao Thai mak mak krab (I love Thai people so much)
SR: Pen fan kan mai (Do you wanna be my girlfriend?)
DS: Suay mak (So beautiful)
GD: Narak ahh (So cute. T/N GD spoke in a baby boy and nasal tone making it much adorable)
MC: Again, please. Your accent is so good.
GD: Narak ahh
Fans: Narak ahh
T.O.P: Faan dee na (Have a nice dream)

MC: Can you try this Thai buzzword “Aou yoo”? (this one has the double meanings: “I can deal with that” and “I’m having sex” )
TY: Aou yoo
SR: Aou yoo
DS: Aou yoo
GD: Aou yoo (did the crotch-popping dance)
T.O.P: Aou yoo (did the crotch-popping dance to GD)
TY: Aou yoo (randomly did the non-stop dougie dance alone)

MC: Please give us your last words.
TY: ALIVE was just released. I want everybody to listen to our music a lot and I hope to see you guys again in ALIVE TOUR 2012. Don’t forget to always give us a support. I LOVE YOU THAILAND FOREVER (in English)

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