Monday, April 16, 2012

[News] Sponsor Paid $250,000 USD for Big Bang's Performance in Vietnam

This year's Soundfest was considered to be highly successful in terms of the first large-scale concert in Vietnam. Before, KAMA and Loresto Fest both tried to hold an event annually however, their advertisements and list of artists were less competitive. Only when Coca-Cola and Samsung took over the event, the dream of bringing world-class artists to Vietnam came true.

SoundFest organizers themselves were very concerned about SoundFest turning into another Big Bang Show. Inviting the 5 boys at their peak in K-Pop could bring both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone could see the benefits in term of selling tickets and the massive interest from the press. However, K-Pop has a way of making teenagers emotions/characteristics very hard to control. The evidence was that Coca-Cola almost had to cancel Big Bang’s performance after they finished their 2nd song, before knowing that the audience could be kept under control.

As scheduled, Big Bang was supposed to perform only before Taio Cruz, who was the closing act. But in the end, their performance was pushed and put on before other two artists.

In their $250,000 USD contract, Big Bang didn’t attend any press conference nor interviews, only one rehearsal, perform 6 songs at exactly 8 pm on the night of the concert, and then leave Vietnam for other schedules. Big Bang arrived at the stage around 7pm, with the managers and camera crews. They came without any security guards unlike other Korean artists. G-Dragon was holding a cigarette in his hand, putting it away before having photos taken (for/by the local press).

When singing on SoundFest’s stage, Big Bang was not showy and they had a relaxed performance. They performed and even laughed at some pigeons used for a previous performance. G-Dragon helped the MCs to repeat “Move Back” in Vietnamese to the audience members who were pushing in the back. Their 30 min was short but it seemed that everybody was satisfied.

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Source:; Translation: VIP Vietnam (Big Bang is, @littledevil1919 and @HaruKwon_

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